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Alamo Drafthouse Unveils STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Special Issue (Exclusive)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be screened in pretty much every movie theater in the whole wide world (and possibly in space too, that’s unconfirmed) and cinemas are going to have to do their best to make sure people travel to a galaxy far, far away at their particular establishment. The theater chain that seems the least needing of reasons to attend is Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas-based, now-national picture house that is über-strict on talking and texting and offers patrons fine dining and adult beverages whilst you watch. If you’ve never been to one, you really ought to. But now, beyond that, they’re offering another special Star Wars goodie to purchase at the theater.

Alamo Drafthouse and BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH will be selling patrons who come to see The Force Awakens a special 88-page magazine issue commemorating nearly 40 years of the franchise, featuring gorgeous new cover art by Mondo artist Matt Taylor. Have a look! It’s our ~exclusively~:

Star Wars (art by Matt Taylor)


That there is what we call a beautiful piece of art, bridging the original trilogy and The Force Awakens in lovely and colorful ways. The interior artwork is done by Chris Bilheimer, a promo code to redeem for Topps Star Wars Card Trader cards, and it will feature all sorts of essays from some of today’s best film scholars. These include, but are not limited to:

  • “I Hate You, Darth Vader” by psychologist Andrea Letamendi, Ph.D.
  •  “Han Solo: Cooler Than Carbonite” by GQ writer Marc Bernardin
  • “A STAR WARS Guide to the Galaxy” by Alamo Drafthouse Dallas/Fort Worth creative manager James Wallace, infographic design by Chris Bilheimer
  • “A Brief and Slightly Personal History Of The STAR WARS Toys” by Mondo Creative Director of Toys and Collectibles Brock Otterbacher
  • “True Tales From The 1999 EPISODE I Line” by writer Sarah Sprague, illustrated by comics artist Mike Russell

People who buy tickets to Alamo Drafthouse will get also get a cool pint glass commemorating the occasion. If you don’t live near an Alamo Drafthouse, or can’t get to one easily and would still like to get this special magazine, you are certainly not out of luck. You can purchase the issue at BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH’s online store (which you can find by clicking this link). See? We wouldn’t leave you alone like someone in a garbage smasher without a comm link.

Tickets and the magazine are on sale now!


Images: Alamo Drafthouse/Matt Taylor

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