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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Promises More Maria Hill and Teases AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


With arguably its best episode to date, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went through a complete retooling last night in the wake of Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s universe changing events. Now with just a handful of episodes to go before the May 13th season finale, things are ramping up in a major way for Agent Coulson and his team. In addition to the confirmed appearance by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury set for the finale, Marvel has revealed Cobie Smulders will be returning to the series as Maria Hill on the April 29th episode, and it won’t be for just a cameo this time.

TV Line was able to get the exclusive on the extent of Hill’s role in the episode, saying, “Hill will play a large role in the May sweeps episode, and those who have clamored for a Coulson/Hill team-up will get it, punctuated by lots of action.” On top of that, also took a look at last night’s episode and uncovered something interesting: During the episode, it’s stated that Hydra has taken over the majority of S.H.I.E.L.D. bases worldwide, one of them being in Africa. Fans will remember that the first ten minutes of Avengers: Age of Ultron is reportedly set in South Africa and will feature a major action sequence. Could it be that the base Baron Von Strucker is hanging out in with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver (alone with Loki’s staff) at the end of The Winter Soldier is in fact the Africa base mentioned last night? I guess we’ll have to wait another year to find out.

Image: ABC/Marvel

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  1. Anon says:

    Oh man…I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a SHIELD base in Africa monitoring Wakanda…..

  2. Soffieaciie says:

    Chris and Dale, Thank you for sharing the phtoos with us. They are so adorable we now need to play with them. Now we want to see the boys!! Lots of love you have really been blessed.

  3. Larry says:

    The map on AOS shows an East African blimp (icon on screen map flashing), and a West African Blimp. Mater fact the only major country it did not show a highlighted blimp was in Europe. You could see a blimp in Europe, but it did not look like they were tracking the area with surveillance. Avengers may have Filmed in south Africa, but that could be a scene tied into any location on a world map. While it will likely represent Africa, just because they filmed in the south does not mean that the film will be representing the East.

  4. Jim says:

    Does it also promise to stop being terrible?

  5. Scott H says:

    That would be awesome to have wolverine and spider man together in the same movie. Bantering back and forth, it would be great.

  6. Jesus Campos says:

    wouldn’t it be awesome if all 3 studios Sony /Fox /and marvel would come up with some type of agreement to incorporate crossovers through all of Spiderman and Xmen 4 X Men and The Avengers or all I guess a fan can only hope.

  7. Kloakenfighter says:

    @Nathan The actor who plays von Strucker is german 😉

  8. Des says:

    I am surprised they have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and not Fenris, who were von Strucker’s kids (if I remember correctly).

  9. Chris says:

    Just a side-note about Marvel and X-Men crossover mentions….the character of Quicksilver is going to be interesting because he not only is going to be in the new Avengers movie but also in the new X-men movie, played by different people and with a slightly different look in each. At least it is a start at allowing something of a crossover between these two franchises.

  10. Michael Thompson says:

    And don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Maria Hill or Sif being in AOS. I just think that, given the fact that we know little about either character based on their movie appearances, a longer story arc dealing with them would be good or some treatment that would give the show’s audience some idea of who they are and what they are about would be helpful. The show treated their appearances as if we, the audience, should already have that knowledge baked in simply because they were in Marvel movies. And based on them having been in movies, these appearances should be ‘events.’ I think they should maybe tone down the ‘event’ and focus on some solid, sustained storytelling for awhile.

  11. Michael Thompson says:

    She was Lorelei, a villain from Thor from the middle 80’s, who is the sister of the Enchantress. Basically she’s a typical Asgardian as far as physical traits go, (strong, durable, etc), combined with some mystical training that she typical devotes to seducing men.

  12. Jesus Campos says:

    I had a question????in the lady sif episode who exactly is the woman she’s fighting for a brief moment I thought it was enchantress please correct me if I’m wrong.I like to consider myself a big fan of these comics movies and TV show but clearly I’m not what you would call an in depth as some of you so I but my question to people I thought would be the best to answer it!!!!!!!

  13. Famous McHidey says:

    I bet the game they play with Hill is: ‘I know her.’ “I don’t.” They should have done that with Jaime Alexander more. Her convo with Coulson was all about Thor.

    The Marvel Comic Universe has too many trails not to leave a couple of dead ends. I would like to see Black Panther-but its not supremely important. Stone Cold is right-just enjoy it, or don’t.

  14. jay o says:

    actually the twins are imprisoned somewhere in Europe that is why in the end of Winter Soldier he mentioned he is going there. Baron Von Strucker is obviously there so they are not connected in that “African” thing

  15. jackie says:

    am just hoping we find out why skye is a 084 by the finale

  16. rizinson81 says:

    Has everyone forgot about the nation of Wakunda? You know the Black Panther?

  17. StoneCold says:

    South Africa… East Africa… Africa in general… Who gives a shit?!?! Just watch the show and go see the movie and shut the fuck up!! Geeeeezzzuusssss!!!

  18. Robert says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode of “Agents of SHIELD” so far and hope to see season two! As for the upcoming movie, what the HELL did they do to Quicksilver’s hair?

  19. Matt says:

    HEY HEY HEY Michael Thompson, you watch your mouth! Jaimie Alexander is gorgeous, the episode was necessary damn it!

  20. Nathan says:

    To be fair, the underground base they were using, looks like a recycled base of operations that Loki was using in the first film. If it is the case that it’s the same place, then I’d personally say the base is set in Germany, which makes more sense since the character explaining the twins, speaks with a German accent (I don’t know if the actor is actually German so not jumping to conclusions saying they ARE German.), as opposed to majority of the Hydra agents in TWS who are mostly American. Personally I want to see Antoine Triplett in either more SHIELD episodes, or even possibly the avengers AoU, depending of course on how much they focus on the possible rebuilding of SHIELD.

  21. DPSOnly says:

    BlahBlahBlah, they said the East African headquarters and the Treehouse, the last one might just be in south africa.

  22. Jeff says:

    surprised no one is mentioning that theyre in africa…..where black panther lives? could he be showing up now too?

  23. Dalek1963 says:

    BlahBlahBlah, South Africa is a country, east Africa would be anywhere in the eastern half of the continent of Africa and by extension including the eastern part of country of South Africa.

    [BlahBlahBlah on April 9, 2014 at 2:08 pm said:
    “Ummm….they said the base was in East Africa, not South Africa.”]

  24. Michael Thompson says:

    Unfortunately, even though Cobie Smoulders has never had anything than an extended cameo as Maria Hill, the advance press on this appearance seems like they are going to treat her like she’s an established character that the fans should know, (and care), about. It’s basically sort of like the Sif episode all over again. These episodes would be great to actually introduce these characters and flesh them out, since they never have been other than just basically as living scenery in the movies they were in, but treating a Cobie Smoulders appearance in the same way you’d treat a Scarlett Johannson appearance is emblematic of the misfires AOS has had.

  25. MrKerbat says:

    Marvel wont get the rights for a long time. As long as Fox pumps out XMen movies, the rights wont expire

  26. Namine33 says:

    The scene we saw at the end of TWS looked a little archaic. I think they are holed up somewhere in Europe, but for the upcoming movie, will migrate to Africa once Hyrdra establishes control and can house the wonder twins..

  27. Karl Johnson says:

    Or maybe they just won’t mention their backgtound until Fox’s rights expire and Marvel gets the X-Men franchise back.

  28. cheena says:

    i dnt sleep i wait.. best show ever!!


  30. Chris Gander says:

    They are Magneto’s children, but Marvel will not be allowed to mention that. In fact, because Fox owns the right to the Magneto character (and anything directly associated with X-men), Marvel can’t mention any of the X-Men in any of it’s movies…. so that won’t be part of the kids backgrounds.

  31. JamesDaBear says:

    The above said the first 10 minutes were set in South Africa, not just filmed in South Africa.

  32. Delmar says:

    Really? Like they can’t just substitute? At the end of Incredible Hulk they said they were in Harlem. That whole seen was filmed in Toronto. It’s a movie. You think South Africa can’t pass for East Africa?

  33. gutheinz says:

    They are his real children but didn’t know this until later in life.

  34. Educatedfe says:

    Quicksilver and the scarlet which were bad at first. They are the foster children of magneto in the comic but realized that he was pretty bad so they went to join the avengers. They are trying to stick as close to the comics as possible. I. Can’t. Wait!!!!!

  35. Madeleine says:

    So the scarlet witch and quicksilver are bad guys in this movie. And not part of the Avengers?

  36. Do you mean April 29th episode or are they moving it to Saturday?

  37. Kit Walker says:

    Where a movie films and where a movie takes place are not always the same. In fact, it’s somewhat rarely the same place.

  38. BlahBlahBlah says:

    Ummm….they said the base was in East Africa, not South Africa.

  39. Brittany Sterrett says:

    Already dying because I’m so excited.