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Adele Sang Her New Song ‘Hello’ Live for the First Time

Adele has finally said “Hello” to her fans with her first television performance since 2013.

The pop star performed her newest song, “Hello,” as part of the program Adele at the BBC, scheduled to air on November 20. That just so happens to be the day her new album, 25, will be released. There is a trailer for the show, it shows her speaking with host Graham Norton before playing a brief clip of her singing the hit song live for the first time.

The last time Adele sang for a live television audience was at the 2013 Academy Awards, where she sang “Skyfall.”

At last check the video for “Hello” has accryed over 250 million views as of this writing. Two hundred and fifty million views In just over two weeks. It doesn’t seem possible, but Adele is the best, and the song is great, and people love it.

Apparently she also admitted on the show that the rumors are true, she lost direct control of her Twitter account. Adele said that while she still is responsible for all of her tweets, some near misses with drunk-tweeting saw her management put some fail-safes into place for her. She has to “go through, like, two people, and it has to be signed off by someone” even though she doesn’t drink anymore.

Adele will be performing on the November 21 episode of Saturday Night Live and NBC will also air Adele Live in New York City from Radio City Music Hall on December 14.

Where does “Hello” rank among your favorite Adele songs? Say hi to our comments section below and tell us yours.

HT: Pitchfork
Image: BBC

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