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A Very Confused Margaret Cho Takes on SLOW-MO DESTRUCTO

What possible reason could anyone have for destroying a perfectly good cake? In what world is there legitimate cause for obliterating an otherwise delicious creation of sugary sweetness? There is only one place that doing such an unthinkable act is okay, and that is on the set of Slow-Mo Destructo!

That’s right! It’s Monday, which means it’s time for the latest episode of our Japanese game show, hosted by our very own Dan Casey. On the show, celebrities needlessly destroy things with a giant hammer and we watch it in slow motion. This time around, Dan is joined by the very funny, very awesome Margaret Cho, the latest in a perfect streak of Slow-Mo Destruco contestants who do not speak Japanese… which is kind of relevant, since the entire thing is in Japanese.

As always, that didn’t stop everyone from having a good (though very confused) time. What happened here? Who knows! Did Cho win or lose? I don’t know, and neither does she.

What she did do, though, is open up a whole new realm of possibilities for all game shows that prominently feature giant spinning wheels as part of the proceedings. Are you allowed to just keep spinning the wheel? Isn’t there supposed to be a limit to how many times you can keep it going? What would happen if a contestant did this on Wheel of Fortune, or the Price is Right? Would society collapse?

In fact, does this show have any rules? Are those people on the side of the stage judges? If so, what are they judging!

This is why you need to tune in every Monday, because big important things happen on Slow-Mo Destructo, a show where having a man dressed as a bottle of beer seems relatively normal.

Also, where else are you going to see someone wearing a Pac-Man suit? Dan’s suits, which are all from his own personal collection (probably), hit a new high this week.


If you’re curious about what Cho was carrying, by the way, it was a copy of her album American Myth—her first as a composer. It is “an album of anthems and showcases” that she describes as her “glamorous and glittering tribute to family, comedy, anger, fame, gayness, grief, fat pride, love and hate.”

You can listen to her incredible ode “Anna Nicole” right here.

What a great song and video, one where we can actually understand what was being said.

Though, we really think it would have been even better if it featured someone wearing clothing based on a video game.

What item do you want to see get destroyed by the giant hammer next? What celeb do you want to see wielding it? Don’t be slow, hurry into our comments section below and tell us what you want to see on a future installment of Slow-Mo Destructo.

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