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A Trailer For “300: Rise of an Empire” Is Here

How long of a lead time do you want for trailers for your hot movies? How about nine months? 300: Rise of an Empire doesn’t arrive at your multiplex until March 7, 2014, but we now have a trailer for the sequel to the 2006 original in which there’s Eva Green and battles and water and archery and Lena Headey and epic scenery and screaming and swords and more water and lots of charging soldiers and axes and more water and stuff, all based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel Xerxes. There’s a lot going on, and it shares the overall look of the first movie but adds, well, water, action on the seas, and that looks interesting — you know there’ll be blood in that water, lots of blood.

Talking to, director Noam Murro said that this one takes place largely concurrently with the original, but covers a larger area with a larger scale, so “sequel” may not be the precise term for it. I don’t know. I’m tired. Anyway, Xerxes — Rodrigo Santoro again — is back, but the new characters, Eva Green’s Artemisia (the villain — Hiss! Boo!) and Sullivan Stapleton’s Themistocles (the hero — Yay!), are the focus, Murro says.

You have nine months to see how that works out. Are you into it? Comments below.

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  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    I do believe that Frank Miller is very overrated , but he is a good writer .I love his Daredevil comics ,and Sin City . As for him being “misogynist ” ,most comic book writers are . In comics most women are perceived as MEN see them ,Hookers ,Strippers ,or Bitches . Stan Lee began this tradition and Frank Miller just stayed with it .

  2. AgentJarrod says:

    @TheOtherTom Agreed. “300” is pretty characteristic of how the Greeks would have told the story. I think it’s unfairly maligned.

  3. TheOtherT says:

    Sorry guys, switch @annagranfors and @skvmmyt.

  4. TheOtherT says:

    I won’t argue that it’s not a racist representation. But, you could say it’s following a historically accurate representation of the Greek perspective. Nationalism in the Greek city states at this time was huge, and anyone not Greek was the basest of barbarians. There was even a kind of “racism” between the city-states (athenian/spartan prejudices). Add the athenian tendency towards romanticism, and the Persians become twisted monsters.

    So, y’know, this is probably how they would’ve told the story. Just a little devil’s advocate…

    As for Frank Miller himself, yeah, probably.

  5. “The Spirit”

  6. skvmmyt says:

    *have to be worse than

  7. skvmmyt says:

    Oh cool! Another racist interpretation of historical events! The Persians were brown so they can’t be worse than the Athenian empire….Right? (See: Destruction of Melos, siege/punishment of Chios, etc.).

  8. annagranfors says:

    A NEW FRANK MILLER MOVIE??!!1! Oh, wow!!

    No, actually, Frank Miller’s a proven fascist/misogynist who I (and I’m pretty sure most of the sane comics world) wish would just go away.

    Great Daredevils, dude. Shame about the rest of your career.