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A Music Nerd’s Dream Week

If that VH1 show Best Week Ever came out of cancellation for just one spectacular week, it would be totally warranted for this 7-day stretch in the world of music. Like in all honesty, every single day was just too much for me to handle. My advice: as you read up on the week’s events, have some sort of excitement-bucket nearby.

1. Radiohead Releases Their New Album King Of Limbs TODAY

Surprise! New Radiohead! OUT RIGHT NOW! AHHHH (excitement bucket in ready position). Although Thom Yorke and Co. only gave us a week’s notice about their follow up to In Rainbows, they decided to shorten the wait by an extra 24 hours, legally making it a four-day weekend. Check out Thom Yorke giving it up and turning it loose in the new video for “Lotus Flower”

2. Arcade Fire Win Album of the Year at the Grammys

What is an Arcade Fire? Should we be worried? I was expecting Teenage Dream or the Fame Monster to claim this award…But NOOO, Arcade Fire just had to pull an Esperanza Spalding and receive due credit for excellent musicianship and seven years of hard work. But worry not; they will never be Bieberlicious enough for a Teen Choice Award.

3. Bonnaroo Lineup Announced

You just need $300 and a big bag of weed; the rest will just kind of happen to you. But seriously, I am only enrolling in classes that have finals at the beginning of the first week of June so I can make sure to catch Arcade Fire (who?), The Strokes, Weezy, Smith Westerns, Robyn, The Black Keys, Deerhunter, Ratatat, Pretty Lights, and Sharon Van Etten….

4. LCD Bashes Scalpers, Adds 4 More Farewell Shows in NYC

LCD Soundsystem’s final performance as a group sold out Madison Square Garden crazy fast. But as soon as James Murphy caught wind of the fact that many scalpers got their grimy little hands on tickets before fans and were selling them for up to $1250, he had a twitter shit-fit and graciously added 4 more farewell shows so that all could see the band off properly.

5. Jeff Mangum Returns To The Public Eye

The Neutral Milk Hotel frontman, who has been more or less MIA for the last ten years, has finally returned in full touring force. In addition to curating All Tomorrow’s Parties in The UK, he has string of East Coast dates set up for this summer.

Images: Radiohead, Merge Records

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  1. Maxwell says:

    Almost any music can be nerd music. If not, there would never be experimental and math metal, or nerd rap. Something more on, ohshi bright eyes! New music to calm me until the new Protest the Hero album.

  2. Kevin says:

    I believe you forgot to mentions Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s awesometastical performance on Jimmy Fallon.

  3. Katherine says:

    @Annie-I just said the same thing!

  4. Lee says:

    @Annie – That’s probably because he said a Music Nerd’s DREAM week.

    I tease. Sort of.

  5. Annie says:

    You forgot the new Bright Eyes album came out Tuesday!

  6. Gene Pool Lifeguard says:

    That’s it, Greg. Get out.

  7. Ryan H. Not the same one thats 3 above me. says:

    I wish I could post on this website. Seriously, best new(ish) band, Driftless Pony Club. So amazing. Listen to Maps of Low Fidelity. Thanks, Earthquake. Jackson Pollack is Dead. And, (if you can find it for free somewhere, though I advise buying it as I did) All of their new album Buckminster. Though, every song of their’s is good. BTW: Thanks for the Radiohead info, downloading the album now.
    Oh, I almost forgot.. ARCADE FIRE FTW!!! Okay, bye.

  8. Dean says:

    Arcade Fire are more like the king of awesome bands.

  9. Meredith says:

    Just downloaded the king of limbs album and I am loving it.

  10. Ryan H says:

    Haven’t listened to the new Radiohead, yet (pre-ordered and downloaded, but still at work), but I will say that the facebook has been ablaze with posts from my friends, and in five hours, this album’s reviews have gone from “their new masterpiece”, to “What is this? Thom Yorke Karaoke? Where is the band? Disappointed..” I must reserve judgement, but feel I’ve been given to much input to remain unbiased. =/
    This feels like the perfect example of how people can’t WAIT to hate something.. Even Radiohead. No one is safe!
    p.s. Love the hostful podcasts. Laughed til I hurt at your Scott Weiland impression. No mention of Scott’s solo work? Anyone remember “Barbarella”?!

  11. greg says:

    Ummm. Isn’t Arcade Fire like the king of hipster bands? AF != Nerd, sorry.