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A Little Comic-Insult-Filled Teaser For “Ministry Of Laughs”

Chris has been doing these short promos for the BBC America Ministry of Laughs block, so let’s watch one, shall we? Here’s a brief lesson in the art of the Great British Insult, using illustrations from The Inbetweeners:

I think I could match that with a few Mid-Atlantic American insults of my own. But I’m not on a sitcom.

In case you missed the one about drag, with clips from Come Fly With Me, here it is:

And with that, I’ll throw in a blatant plug (unpaid — at least, the BBC didn’t pay ME for it) (although they COULD, if they really wanted to) (but they didn’t) (but they could) for Ministry of Laughs, Saturday night at 10 pm Eastern/9 pm Central on BBC America. No, I don’t know what channel it’s on in your town. Check the cable or satellite listings, or go here and click on “Channel Finder” in the top menu. I know it’s on channel 189 nationally on Verizon FiOS, for what that’s worth.  They’re doing a little photo caption contest over at the BBC America website, too, if you’re interested.  And while we’re plugging things, Chris is playing in the Washington area Friday and Saturday nights at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, so go see him, hug him, and if you go on Saturday, set your DVR.

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  1. nic benham says:

    As a brit myself how can i watch the nerdist tv shows that have been on? e.g comic con episode. may sound a bit silly but i wish we had BBC america in england!!

  2. “The IT Crowd” has aired in the U.S. on IFC and is available on DVD. That doesn’t preclude BBC-A picking up the rights, though.

  3. Patrick Rose says:

    I love the fact us brits are getting some wonderful coverage, but I’ve never been a fan of any of those 3…

    If you could convince them to throw the IT Crowd up there…

  4. Wade says:

    Little Britain is hilarious shit. Thank you Netflix!

  5. nichelle says:

    @smartbunny: i too love Mitchell and Webb! And i’m going to see Chris at Arlington Drafthouse TONIGHT! so excited. 😀

    also for any fellow Whovians, found this random Rory tumblr on twitter if you haven’t seen it lol

  6. AJ says:

    This looks awesome.

    But when-oh-when will BBCAmerica air QI?!?!? This, Chris Hardwick, this is your mission, if you choose to accept it. (It’s all comedians except for Stephen, so it could easily fall into MOL territory. Make it happen!)

  7. Felix says:

    I just got my tix to go see Chris in Arlington tomorrow, its about a 2 hour drive from where i live in Richmond, but it will be sooo worth it!

  8. Patti says:

    Chris – Congrats again on this gig you have with BBC America, and I hope you kill this weekend in Arlington. I highly recommend folks come and see you do stand-up. I had a fantastic time when I saw you and Phirman at the Magic Bag. Sorry I’ll miss the premiere on BBC America. Got a gig with Problem Child Saturday night. Getting paid for rocking? Yes, please! Hoping this all re-airs so I can see. 🙂 Absolutely love the promo spots.

  9. Cynical English person. says:

    It makes me sad that come fly with me is included here as one of the three British comedies chosen. Could an extra half hour of hardwick not be put in? or ideal, it ha Janeane Garofolo in it for a bit. Do Americans still like Garofolo?

  10. Jetouellet says:

    Don’t count on it. I get BBC Canada, and unless the Ministry of Laughs fall under the umbrella of Real estate shows or Top Gear, you won’t be seeing Chris anytime soon.

  11. Wesley Marshall says:

    @Doc I still need to watch “The Trip” Steve Coogan and Rob Byrdon are both hilarious. Chris, Matt, and Jonah will soon be shooting the pilot to their Nerdist TV show and they announced their first guest would be Craig Ferguson. I’m sure he’ll get someone like Coogan if he can.
    @ChrisHardwick I cannot wait for the show (Ministry of Laughs & The Nerdist Show). These promos made me laugh. It’s sad they took away all the stuff upstair minus the Nerdist Tardis and the Nerdist neon sign that now hangs above the Nerdmelt enterance with a Dalek guarding it. I hope you do get as many Brits as you can for the The Nerdist Show. So glad I have such close seats to watch this venture take off. #OneBigNerdyFamily

  12. smartbunny says:


    (and Chris)

  13. TJMilburn says:

    Sigh. Went to the BBC America channel finder, started typing my postal code, and no text showed up in the search box. Apparently, my Canadian zip code isn’t good enough for you blimey Yankees.

    (This, of course, is yet another passive-aggressive Canadian request for information regarding the likelihood of this fine program being broadcast above the 49th parallel.)

  14. LesserBeing says:

    First off, congrats again mr hardwick you are blowing up all over the atlantic and soon you wont have time for us nerds.
    Secondly i want to recommend the in-betweeners. its hilarious. come fly with me is a little hit or miss especially if you don’t like the awkward british humour (british spelling yay)

  15. Bassim says:

    AAAAh! Williams and Lucas are the best! Congrats on MOL

  16. Luanne says:

    Guys in drag never fail to crack my ass up. Every damn time!

  17. Paxie says:

    You have no idea how happy this makes me.

  18. teh says:

    only mildly related, but i thought the present whovians might enjoy this.

  19. Doc says:

    Two things:

    1. The Trip. Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon. The BBC2 series has be smushed into a feature film. Should be seen by everyone.

    2. Coogan should be on the fscking podcast. Throw us British Comedy Nerds a bone, yeah?