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9 Streaming Options to Help You Ride Out the Snow

Snow! Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowmania!

Snow is the worst. And lots of snow is hell on earth. Being trapped in your home for days, surviving only on bread and milk, hoping you will one day again feel the warmth of the sun on your face, fearing you never will, it’s just…it’s just the worst.

Unless you make something of it, like finally clearing out your online queue of movies and TV shows. I mean, what’s your other option, spending time with your family? Hard pass.

So here are nine snow appropriate streaming options to help you survive this blizzard until you can be rescued/it melts/you finally suck it up and go shovel/the world just ends.


Things Could Always Be Worse



Yeah, you might be covered in feet of snow, but at least you aren’t at the back of a socioeconomic class-divided train, the last remaining survivors of an earth that is now a frozen wasteland, eating black bars of sludge made from an unknown source. [Spoilers: We know the source.]

Snowpiercer is weird, violent, and all kinds awesome, and your own weather problems will pale in comparison to the ones faced by the passengers at the back of this dystopian train.

Get Me the Hell Out of Here

Wet Hot American Summer (the movie and the show)


Screw the cold, let’s get back to the days of our youth at summer camp, where we could swim, play games, and hang out with our friends…unless our irresponsible counselors got us killed.

Wet Hot American Summer was an absurdist cult classic movie about the last crazy, surreal day of camp, that just so happens to have some of Hollywood’s biggest stars starting out in their careers, but they all came back last year to do an eight-part series about the first day of camp that is just as great. Watch the movie first, and then settle in to binge the whole series.

Just the Excuse I Needed

Planet Earth


Why is this snow happening? Is it like this everywhere? Are we all doomed to this fate?

No, and this incredible, gorgeous series from BBC Earth is one of the greatest documentary shows ever done. You’ve always meant to watch it (or re-watch it), and this is the perfect excuse. You’ll forget what’s going on outside your window, and if you are stuck in your house you’ll find no better way to deal with it than having Sir David Attenborough narrate a reminder that past this snow is a beautiful planet.


Things Could Always Be Worse

The Mist


Yeah, you’re trapped inside, but the only thing you have to worry about outside is some frozen water. In this adaptation of the Stephen King story the members of a small town are dealing with a mist that came about from an apparent portal to Hell, one that has unleashed monsters of unspeakable evil and horror on them.

And they aren’t even the scariest part. The people they are trapped with are even worse. You can probably relate to that right now in your snow prison, but I doubt any of them will eat you.

Get Me the Hell Out of Here



Spring break! Drugs! Crime! Parties! Young attractive people!

What could possibly be a better alternative to playing Candy Land, again, with your kids, than this James Franco-led movie that also stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in a movie that is the perfect antidote to your cold predicament?

Just the Excuse I Needed

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


This show has been on forever, and whether you’ve never seen it once or you’ve seen every episode, this is the perfect time to watch one of the most laugh-out-loud shows in television history.

No matter how insane or depraved you think this show can get, it gets more ridiculous, and binging it is the perfect way to really see just how much worse each character has become as the show has progressed. It might be snowing where you are, but it’s always sunny (and funny) on this show. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)


Things Could Always Be Worse



Snow melts. Eventually. Sure, too much of it can kill a small part of you and change you in a way that leaves you broken. I know, I live in Boston and last winter made me…different. At least I had more to eat than corn though, and I wasn’t covered in dust.

Interstellar is long, without ever feeling long, the perfect type of movie for being snowed in. It’s got a great cast and ends up being a very different type of movie than you maybe anticipated, but man it works. It really works.

Get Me the Hell Out of Here

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


Trade in snow for the desert wasteland of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic/diesel-fueled world with the third film in the franchise. Besides, it might be a long time before you get behind the wheel of your car, so why not watch a bunch of lunatics zipping around instead.

Fury Road may have blown your mind, but long before Furiosa kicked our collective asses, it was Tina Turner as Aunty Entity owning everything. Plus, this was before we knew Mel Gibson was crazy, so it’s a nice reminder that things were better before the snows came.

Just the Excuse I Needed

Fargo Season 1


The Coen Brothers classic film was turned into a television show that had everyone worried it wouldn’t be any good. Then it turned out to be amazing.

Season 2 just ended, and season 3 has already been ordered, so aww geez why dontcha start to catch up now on one of the best show’s on television before you end up so far behind it feels like homework. Plus, your snow problems wont seem so bad when they don’t also include being shot.

So there you go! Snow is the worst, but having an excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV is the best, so make something out of this storm.

What are some other appropriate snowstorm streaming options? Share them in the comments below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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