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7 Fantastic Covers of the GAME OF THRONES Theme Song

The opening notes of the Game of Thrones theme song are instantly recognizable. The memorable music is a sign to silence your ravens and smart phones, get comfortable, and brace yourself for the drama of Westeros. Over the four seasons, the title theme composed by Ramin Djawadi has been covered by dozens of musicians in every style from classical to metal. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite takes on the tune.

Game of Thrones goes dixie in this rendition by The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys in a performance at the B.B. King Blues Club.

This amazing remix is played on a NES Keytar. Seriously. It was built by Theremin Hero, and the sound comes from an original chip in the NES. Read more about the creation at Theremin Hero’s site.

The brothels of King’s Landing might see even more action if they played this smooth jazz version of the theme posted by YouTuber ScottBradleeLovesYa.

This version features violin by Lindsey Stirling and vocals from Peter Hollens. They get bonus points because they’re both wearing costumes.

Game of Thrones goes metal with this cover by Charlie Parra del Riego. Bonus: both men and women in Westeros have long hair for optimal headbanging.

A bagpipe rendition of the music makes me want to see William Wallace in the series. This cover is performed by MermicoliĆ³n.

Cellos sound similar to what we hear in the show but more than one of them plus a drum makes the music sound richer. Performed b cellists Patrick Laird, Laura Metcalf, and Brook Speltz and percussionist Ivan Trevino.

Head to the comments and tell us about your favorite covers of the Game of Thrones theme song.

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  1. GeekBob says:

    This may be posted here, but I found the mashup of two unrelated versions, One by Jason Yang, the other by Roger Lima, to be excellent.

  2. Here, I wrote a jazz piano version a few weeks ago (I play it through straight first):

  3. Rich says:

    The link below will take you to the epic brass version. Definitely listen to it on good headphones or crank the speakers.

  4. Rich says:

    Beh the epic brass version.

  5. XvShadow says:

    How is Negative pH’s “A Song Of Fire And Ice” not on this list? D:

  6. Nat says:

    seriously… you have the “string and vocal” version, but not the SP intro?

  7. RCC says:

    This metal version is far superior to the one in the article.–R0TI

  8. alxmdsn says:

    How is the Anamanaguchi version not on here?!?!?!?! One of their tracks is the opening song for the nerdist podcast.