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The best things about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are its immersive world, sumptuous landscapes, and the diverse array of spells cast by the…casr. We’ve selected a few of the ones we’ve loved from the early episodes of the new binge worthy Netflix show for you to enjoy, practice and spell along with your new favorite show.

Summoning a Familiar

“Spirits of the forest, I pronounce my intentions to thee. Come forth and seek me and equals we will be. Not master and servant but familiar to familiar, to share our knowledge, our spirit and our traits.”

When you need to magic up a supernatural best bud, to assist you in spells, strife and all things witchy this handy spell is all you need. Head into your closest forest (a wooded glad will do) and make your way into the depths. Once there ring your ceremonial bell and put yourself out there. With a few strokes of the ground, and these special words hopefully you’ll find a familiar as useful, loyal and ingenious as Salem.

Scare Your Enemies With A Spider Spell

“Spider O’ Spider, pray why do you spin your pretty white web so fine and so thin? To catch all the flies, and make them into pies. Spider O’ Spider do you not see here comes a big, buzzing blundering bee. He’ll spoil your fine net whilst you fume and you fret, but no mercy you grant and no mercy you’ll get.”

This is the perfect little ditty for if you have to make an annoying teacher take a couple of days off school, or you just want to upset an enemy who has a fear of spiders. First place a photograph of your intended victim in a jar or small container, fill it with some spiders–your choice, breed or size doesn’t matter–then recite this incantation and be filled with the joy of vengeance.

Erase a Memory From A Loved One’s Mind

“Listen to my voice. Hear my words, and forget I said anything. Bless your mind and your heart, let these painful thoughts depart.”

Though you might not need to make your high school sweetheart forget that you’re actually witch–you’re far too smart and subtle for that–we’ve all wished we could take back a harsh word, or a painful truth. With these 23 words you can. Place your hands on either side of your beloved’s face, speak the spell and finish with a kiss. They’ll be none the wiser.

Divine Your Future Using a Malum Malus

“Malum… [insert your question here]”

This one is all about the preparation and process. It might seem simple, but it’s a powerful spell that hints at what is to come for Sabrina and the town of Greendale. If you need an answer to a burning question all you need to do is find an apple tree, it has to be incredibly the old. The older it is the more it has seen, and therefore the more it will know. Once there make sure you select the correct apple, follow your gut, but whatever you do, make sure it isn’t rotten… or a terrible fate may be coming your way. Once you’ve picked your apple, call out to the Malum, ask your question and take a bite… but be careful. You might not like what you find.

Call Up Your Local Girl Gang

“The weird sisters hand in hand, travelers of the sea and land. Thrice to thine and thrice to mine and thrice again to make up nine. Peace! The charm’s wound up.”

Though the Weird Sisters may have cursed her earlier, Sabrina still turns to them when she needs a hand terrorizing some local bullies, and that was a good call on her part. Whilst Sabrina’s plan is regressive and cruel, the Weird Sisters just believe in some good old fashioned fear, and next time you need some bitchin’ back up then you know who to call. To make sure your spell goes off without a hitch you’ll need a three pronged stick and a ball of yarn, as you summon the sisters wrap the yarn around nine times and as you finish they should appear. But only call them if you’re very serious, as Sabrina learnt the Weird Sisters don’t mess around.

What are your fave spells from the new show? Let us know below!

Images: Netflix

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