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12-inch GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1 Is Perfectly Realistic

If there’s $1400…that you wanna spend…What’cha gonna buy? This Ecto-1! (Probably.)

Screen accurate Ecto-1 vehicles for action figures are hard to come by. Mattel tried to crowdfund one for 6-inch figures, and couldn’t make the numbers work, but somehow Blitzway has managed to make one scaled to 12-inch figures, and it is a beauty. Check out the reveal video they put together just to make sure you see all the light-up features first, and the sheer size of the thing second.

Yes, yes, like the rest of you we have at times gotten excited for insane 12-inch-scaled vehicles that ultimately never get made, but that’s not the case here. This Ghostbusters-mobile is already available to preorder. Because of the nature of something this fancy, you’ll need to place a down payment now, and the rest in first quarter 2019. That’s right: you have more than a year to raise the funds. What are you waiting for? The magic word?

No, we’re not going to say please. But we’ll show you some of the detail work.

How about some of the 45 individual LEDs?

Want proof it can seat all four 12-inch Ghostbusters? Here ya go:

If you don’t yet own said ‘busters, by the way, they’re still available as a four-pack for $896 (which includes Slimer and light-up bonus accessories) or individually for $225 at most online collectible toy retailers.

Ecto-1 is over 40 inches long, and while it probably costs as much as the real one Stantz would have bought in 1984 (unadjusted for inflation), it’s also much nicer. We seriously doubt Ray went out of his way to chrome the engine before every sliming mission.

If you earn the bragging rights to own one before we do…it’s okay. We ain’t afraid of no boasts!

Are you buying one, though? Tell us in comments!

Images: Blitzway/Bluefin

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