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12 GAME OF THRONES Cast Members with Music Careers

12 GAME OF THRONES Cast Members with Music Careers

By now, everyone knows by now that the world’s most heroic disyllabic human pack mule–yes, I’m talking about Hodor, or, more accurately, the man behind Hodor: Kristian Nairn–puts down beats hotter than the Red Keep’s wildfire. However, Nairn is hardly the only Westeros native to have shown off his musical prowess outside of Game of Thrones. We’ve compiled a list celebrating the surprising number of Game of Thrones cast members who have been (or still are) filling the world with beautiful music.

Jerome Flynn/Bronn

Before he was Jaime Lannister’s righthand man, actor Jerome Flynn had a fairly successful career covering classic pop songs as part of the musical duo Robson & Jerome. Having even one campy music video like this would be enough to satiate any bad mood you could ever have, but the fact they produced literally dozens of videos similar to this cover of The Drifters’ “Up on the Roof” is a beautiful gift to the world. Their music videos live somewhere between perfectly corny and undeniably endearing. Somehow, Bronn really doesn’t seem so tough after seeing him dad-dance his heart out!

Iwan Rheon/Ramsay Bolton

We love pretty much everything Iwan Rheon does, whether it’s the menacing Bolton Bastard on Game of Thrones or his heroic arc as Simon on BBC’s Misfits. It turns out that he’s even an pretty damn good musician. We are obligated to mention his single “Bang! Bang!” off the 2013 EP that shares the same name, to us, the song is just a bit awkward in its timing and isn’t what we love about his music. On the other hand, “Dinard” off Rheon’s first studio album released in 2015 is a much better representation of the beautiful music he’s capable of.

Natalia Tena/Osha

Alright, we’re just going to have to word salad this one. Natalia Tena is the front-woman and accordionist of the alternative/ska/swing/salsa/folk/gypsy-rock/coo-coo-bananas band Molotov Jukebox. It hits on so many genres that you really can’t help but love some aspect of it and, in a weird way, just feels right for music produced by a Wildling from beyond The Wall.

Kristian Nairn/Hodor

Hey, we said we wouldn’t end with it but it’s still certainly worth mentioning. Nairn may be the one musician on this list who has truly embraced both worlds and struck while the iron is hot by using his Game of Thrones fame to further promote his already impressive musical career. His Rave of Thrones tour is a phenomenon that brings together GOT and EDM fans from all walks of life.

Michiel Huisman/Daario Naharis

Well, your guess is as good as ours as to what this song is about, but man oh man, Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman) can kill it even if he’s not out murdering folks in the name of his Khaleesi. The Dutch actor is also a singer songwriter and has appeared (and performed) on shows like Nashville where you’d never guess that he wasn’t brought up on country music!

Carice van Houten/Melisandre

Other than this extremely odd song and video that seems like it should have come out in the 90s, Carice van Houten does have a beautiful singing voice as demonstrated in other pieces like “Fear Not” by Michael Prins. She also performs a song called “You.Me.Bed.Now” which… kind of seems like it could have been written by Melisandre.

Jonathan Pryce/The High Sparrow

Alright, this one isn’t too fair but we couldn’t just sit on the opening credits of the 2002’s Unconditional Love and not share it. The silliness of those opening credits aside, Jonathan Pryce is an accomplished singer and stage actor appearing in many a musical over the years. Both his portrayals of Fagin in Oliver and The Engineer in Miss Saigon were quite literally award-winning.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster/Jojen Reed

Now, some might associate Thomas Brodie-Sangster with this particular musical moment, but when he’s not helping Bran Stark get to the three-eyed crow, he’s playing bass in a band called Winnet with his mother singing lead vocals.

Wilko Johnson/Ser Ilyn Payne

Ser Ilyn Payne served as King’s Justice and didn’t have much to say since his tongue was cut out before the events of the show by order of The Mad King. Thankfully, actor Wilko Johnson didn’t actually suffer the same fate. He has enjoyed an extensive musical career over the last few decades, even playing alongside Roger Daltrey.

Joel Fry/Hizdahr zo Loraq

Before playing a character with a bad Scrabble hand for a name, Fry and his band Animal Circus put out an EP back in 2012 that has some pretty catchy tunes that exist somewhere between a jam band and folk. Although the band is no longer together, their YouTube channel continues to share music created by the individual members as recently as December 2016.

Rory McCann/Sandor – “The Hound” if you’re nasty – Clegane

Maybe this one shouldn’t count, as this is something McCann might file under childhood hijinks rather than bona fide musical artistry. But hey, we’re really into his old band Thundersoup. The video above might be the only proof of the band that once was, which is a bit of a shame considering how, and we’re being technical here, The Hound’s got some pipes!

Jacob Anderson/Grey Worm

We saved our favorite for last: one of Game Of Thrones‘ most popular eunuchs (it’s nuts that we need that modifier since the show has multiple) goes by “Raleigh Ritchie” in his musical life. Producing some intensely catchy pop music that ranges from love ballads to party anthems, we have to admit that Ritchie’s is some of our favorite music produced by a Game of Thrones actor. In our opinion, “The Greatest” needs to find its way onto everyone’s playlists. How can you not love a rally cry of a chorus like, “We’ll be dancing forever, we don’t know any better/We’re lazy, whatever, at least we stick together/We’re the greatest, I mean it, we’ll never be defeated/You can take us or leave us, we don’t care if you believe us, leave us”?

After seeing all this talent, it seems like they should take another crack at Game of Thrones: The Musical, dontcha think? Let’s discuss a possible Game of Thrones super group in the comments below!

Image: Molotov Jukebox/YouTube

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