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11 Oscar Isaac GIFs for Every Occasion

Everyone in the world is in love with Oscar Isaac right now. Seriously. Ask your neighbors, best friend, all of Tumblr, or even your mom. They will all probably confess to being smitten. And it’s okay—you can admit it, too. Poe Dameron is only the best pilot in the Resistance and all. Those soulful eyes, that swanky jacket, those suave fighter pilot skills… Poe Dameron, and in turn Oscar Isaac, is the latest boyfriend of the Internet’s dreams.

It’s so rare that the entirety of the Internet can agree on anything these days, but we all really have come together on this important issue. Not only is Isaac easy on the eyes, but he’s a darn talented actor to boot. Ex MachinaStar Wars: The Force Awakens, Drive… he’s been in some of our favorite films of the past few years. To celebrate everyone’s new bae, we dug deep to bring you an Oscar Isaac GIF for every kind of occasion:

When it’s the weekend and you’re all alone with no plans:
Oscar Isaac Llewyn Davis Cat

When you notice your crush looks extra snazzy today:
Oscar Isaac Hey Girl GIF

That moment when you’re trying super hard to focus during a conversation:
Oscar Isaac Biting Lip GIF

That feeling when you’re having the best day ever:
Oscar Isaac Fantastic GIF

For when you come home exhausted and want to curl up in bed:
Oscar Isaac Tired GIF

That feeling when it’s finally Friday:
Oscar Isaac Ex Machina Dance GIF
(Also known as the best scene ever, am I right?)

When a friend or family member says something totally embarrassing in public:
Oscar Isaac Embarrassed GIF

When you just heard the best joke of all-time:
Oscar Isaac Drive Laughing GIF

That feeling when you’re just hanging with your bro:
Oscar Isaac Finn Poe GIF

For when you have to put your foot down and say no:
Oscar Isaac No Reaction GIF

And finally, when you’re getting pumped to hang with your BFFs:
Oscar Isaac TFA Press Conference GIF

What’s your favorite Oscar Isaac performance? Let us know in the comments below.

GIFs: Tumblr

Michelle Buchman is the Social Media Manager and resident Poe Dameron enthusiast of Nerdist. Share your Star Wars related GIFs with her on Twitter @michelledeidre

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