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YouTuber Creates an INTERSTELLAR-Inspired Trailer for SPACEBALLS

Well look what we found on the awesome side of the internet today. If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs and are looking forward to Interstellar, this one’s for you! YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has brilliantly cut together scenes from the comedic cult classic to match the style of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming space drama out next month.

With a preface that reads,“The Following Preview has been approved for YOUR FATHER’S, BROTHER’S, NEPHEW’S, COUSIN’S FORMER ROOMATE,” you know you’re in for a nostalgic throwback. Feast your eyes on the trailer below.

Using both the structure and cinematic music (“Final Frontier” by Thomas Bergersen) of Interstellar, the video’s creator managed to successfully make a comedic film look serious–which was his goal according to the YouTube description. This bit of editing magic just goes to show how misleading film trailers can be.

According to a remark in the comment section, a review of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is next on The Unusual Suspect’s agenda.  Also in his treasure trove of film-related goodies are fun mash-ups of The NeverEnding Story and The Hobbit: The Battle of the 5 Armies, Groundhog Day and Inception, and even Jurassic Park and Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.

Interstellar is set to hit theaters November 5, 2014.

So what did you think of the fun trailer above? Does it get you in the mood to pop in Spaceballs and imagine what it would look like if was a Nolan film? Shift into Ludicrous speed and zoom on down to the comment section below to give us your thoughts.

[HT Indiewire, The Unusual Suspect]

Image: MGM

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  1. Rick says:

    Moochandising!  Where the real money from the movie is made…..

  2. Ken says:

    Need one for Ice Pirates! now.