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Oil up your blades and put runes in your boots, because it’s time to dive back into the world of The Witcher.

The latest installment of The Witcher series — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — is everything you’d come to expect from CD Projekt Red’s fantastic RPG series that is pretty much Game of Thrones meets Batman. There are monster contracts to cash in on and jarls to please. The main game is more than a hundred hours-worth of exploration and bandit dicing, enough to satiate students of any Witcher school, but CDPR has also released additional story content in the form of paid DLC.

The second of those paid DLCs is out on May 31st, entitled Blood and Wine. It’s an expansion that promises a lot: new enemies, new mutagens, new armor, a brand new landmass the size of Skellige to explore, a customizable house to fill with display cases and trophies, and at least 30 hours of additional story content. We at Nerdist got to play an early build of the upcoming DLC, and in the video above we’re giving you the first three hours, condensed into one 30-minute Let’s Play with the one and only Dan Casey and myself. There is a giant, a naked lady who will shout you to death, a duchess who doesn’t take any shit, and of course those glorious Geralt hair physics.

From our playthrough, I know that I will be jumping back into the saddle the day this drops. With new “grandmaster” armor sets that confer set bonuses a la Diablo III, I know that I’ll be spending well over 30 hours scouring the new land of Toussaint for those sweet green diagrams. And even if you don’t pick up the DLC (the last for the game), great improvements to the game’s UI bundled with Blood and Wine will carry over into the game as a whole.

Will you be picking up this DLC on the 31st? What do you think of dynamic beard growth? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image: CD Projekt Red

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