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Your Epic Photo For Today: Ian McKellen Joins One Direction

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

You’re welcome.

mck fixed

“You don’t know you’re Magneto. Oh, oh, oh. And that’s what makes you Magneto”.


The best photo of all time, courtesy of Jack Morrissey, host of the Team Jack podcast (with Nerdist’s own Matt Cohen).

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  1. Kari Callin says:

    This picture brings to mind an old Broadway tune, with my own spin: “ONE! Singular sensation, every picture that he takes! ONE! Thrilling combination, every move that he makes!” 😉 Thanks for being your fabulous self, Sir Ian! 😀

  2. Serindë Dawn says:

    N’importe quoi ! >.<

  3. Matt says:

    Why, Ian, why?

  4. ladygoddess8 says:

    At first peek it looks almost real then you look a tiny bit harder and you see the discrepancies.

  5. Geo says:


  6. JoshPossible says:

    I think that Matt intended for everyone to catch that it was obviously a cardboard cut out of the group at a theater. That’s what makes it funny and Ian genius. So if you’re dissecting the photo and it’s validity, you’ve lost the point. Move on.

  7. Kristoffer says:

    what is gandalf doing with those hobbits?

  8. Kirsty cameron says:

    So funny. My daughters also got there pics taken with them, I’m mean that, I mean them. Lol.

  9. Matt Cohen says:

    Gang… we know it’s not real 🙂

    I personally think its 50 times more awesome that Sir Ian is posing with cutouts of One Direction in a a movie theater lobby (the photo was snapped by a mutual friend, last night), then if he was with the real band,

  10. Jennifer says:

    Sir Ian Mckellen = LEGEND!!!!!!!!

  11. Jared Hefley says:

    You can see the creases in their legs, so unless they can fold up, they ain’t real! But Sir McKellan rules the day, regardless.

  12. Cierto, sólo la imagen de Sir Ian Mckellen es real.

  13. Pablo says:

    The fact that you see first Sir Ian under the words, “A major motion picture”, makes you absolutely forget that he is appearing with the cut-outs of those five others. No disrespect intended.

  14. Chimpinalls says:

    The band is nothing but a bunch of cardboard cutouts propped up by a marketing team to catch the eye of consumers.

    Oh, and also Sir McKellen seems to be posing with a display in a theater lobby.

  15. In this picture the lights and shadows have treated mister Ian McKellen in a different manner than the young men that surround him. If this photograph is true, than only mister McKellen is real.

  16. I think we can turn off the internet now. Nothing’ll top this.

  17. The simple fact that Ian McKellen appeared in his photo made it valuable. says:

    The simple fact that Ian McKellen appeared in this photo made it valuable. You can ditch those other people.

  18. tanya says:

    Love it

  19. tanya says:

    Love it!!!!!