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YOUNG JUSTICE Returning with Season 3 and More TV News

YOUNG JUSTICE Returning with Season 3 and More TV News

Some canceled series have vocal and supportive fans that have been asking for more episodes relentlessly, and that’s been the case with Young Justice. The animated series aired for just two seasons, but now, it’s landed a third. Learn more in today’s TV-Cap, find out about another character coming to The Defenders, and get info on the newest cast members for season two of Stranger Things.

We’re Whelmed. Thank the stars! Warner Bros. Animation has started production on season three of Young Justice. There aren’t any details about where the series will air or when it will premiere yet, but it’s enough to know it’s happening and producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are returning. You can follow updates at, and if you’ve never watched the show, take a few to check it out on Netflix. [Nerdist, Image: Warner Bros.]

Back in Time. CBS’ The Big Bang Theory’s popularity is proven by numbers, and the network is looking for ways to capitalize upon those ratings. Here’s one: They have a spinoff in development, one that would focus on a younger Sheldon. Is this something you’d want to see? Chime in! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Marvel Spins. Mondo’s doing good work in the department of vinyl records. They’ve already released Luke Cage’s soundtrack on vinyl, and now they’ve lined up Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Take a look at the beautiful package art and get release details here at Nerdist.

Getting Electric. As far as I can tell, The Defenders series is going to include everyone who’s ever had a speaking part in the Marvel Netflix universe. Everyone. To that end, they’ve announced another addition: Elodie Yung’s Elektra. [CBR]

Mark Your Calendar. FXX has announced the premiere date for season 12 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; the show will return on January 4 at 10:00p.m. ET/PT.

Stranger Cast Members. Ready to learn about two new characters coming to Stranger Things’ second season? Good, because I’m going to fill you in. Sean Astin and Paul Reiser have both been cast in the supernatural mystery. Astin will portray the manager of Hawkin’s local RadioShack, and Reiser will be part of the Department of Energy on clean-up duty after the whole Demogorgon business. Learn more at Nerdist.

Bicameral Education. Westworld has scraped against some meaty questions about how the human mind functions, and they’ve touched on theory of bicameralism. What does the whole bicameral mind idea mean? The above video from Jonathan Holmes takes a stab at breaking it down. [Nerdist]

Favorites. TVLine is making November about celebrating Gilmore Girls. Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life doesn’t premiere until November 25, so TVLine’s helping time pass by sharing a little new interview content every day. In Monday’s installment, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel talked about their favorite revival episode. Watch here.

Historical Figures. The Crown debuted on Netflix on November 4, and I’m looking forward to bingeing the drama about Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Kristy chatted with the cast and asked them about the interpretation, nudity, and more. Check it out above. [Nerdist]

Real Robot. Remember when Rick made a robot with a singular butter passing purpose on Rick and Morty? A fan has used a 3D printer to craft that robot in real life. Get a look at the creation here at Nerdist.

Love in the Air. Interesting relationships are budding on Monday night television, and you can read about them in our recaps for Supergirl and Gotham.

Alex’s Revelation. On the subject of Supergirl, Sydney recently visited the set and talked to the cast about the events in Monday’s episode. You can read their comments right this way (yes, there are spoilers).

Head to the comments and tell me what your ideal third season of Young Justice would look like.

Featured Image: Cartoon Network

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