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Episode 88: You Made It Weird
Sean Patton

You Made It Weird #88: Sean Patton

Sean Patton (Conan! Comedy! The best!) comes by and REALLY makes it weird, even weirder than his appearance on the live YMIW from Montreal! Holy cow. Great episode. Just as uncomfortable as we like, funny, honest, sweet… All this and a tale of unrequited love? FREE PODCAST?! Free. WARNING: Pete and Sean say the “c-word” like 30 times in this episode, you may not want to play it in the car with your mom and your youth pastor on the way to pick up children.

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  1. ben says:

    baloo has worked since the jungle book, it’s called tale spin

  2. David says:

    Moment of clarity listening to Sean talking about repeating actions/thoughts/words until you get it right to ward off some perceived connected consequence. OCD’s a m##########r!
    Sorry Pete – gotta say I’m not sold on your assessment of Sean’s OCD:
    “your love and needing to suffer to feel love… you like a little bit of pain”
    Really not what it’s all about. More a built-in anomalie, not a lifestyle choice nor masochism. In short, it’s like getting dealt a very shitty card in brain Top Trumps.

    Thanks for the show.

  3. Patty Marvel says:

    Greetings! Super-late to the party, just listening to back episodes now, digging the show.

    Anyway, about “pussy”…

    I wouldn’t be offended by the word itself so much as how it was used. In Pete’s example, it would replace words like “wimp” and “wuss” and “chicken” and THAT would bug me a bit because I’m female and don’t (usually) consider my whole gender weak. But to replace it in that sentence with “ball sack” sounds seriously stupid, no doubt. Now if you were to say, “I want some pussy,” then puss away, my good man.


  4. Nick H says:

    O my god, Drunk Frat Boy Psychic had me laughing out loud in public!

    also, “boy or girl that thing is getting fucked.”

  5. jimjim says:

    LOL @ Pete’s spirit animal

  6. Matt says:

    Great ep. If I remember correctly Sean Patton has a bit on airplane jokes from the point of view of being in a plane crash (saw him do it at a showcase in sf), and it’s some of the funniest shit I’ve seen.

    As far as the atheism stuff, I agree that you don’t really do the atheist argument justice and neither have the atheist guests you’ve had on (not that it’s their or your job to). I look at it in the same way as 90% of the scientific community that are atheists do-it’s more of a functional atheism. I admit that there is a small chance (.000???1 %) chance that there is a God, it’s just so infinitesimal of a chance and lacking even a shred of dubious evidence: that I drop it from serious consideration. Like unicorns. I don’t pretend to completely understand the big bang theory, but I do understand most aspects of evolution and that every bit of evidence in existence points towards it being how we came to being. Atheists are often perceived as pretentious or cocky because we behave as though we are sure of what we think, and meanwhile religious people act even more sure without any of the evidence. Anyway, end rant.

  7. Lisa says:

    That joke about Chelsea that Sean made….LASER ACCURACY. Laughing so hard I had to pause the podcast. Also, about all the coincidences and that, I always think of Duncan Trussel’s YMIW and his stuff about synchronicity. Wonderful!! Loved this episode, Pete!!

  8. Dan says:

    Listening to your show with my mom and youth pastor is just fine as long as we’re “on the way to pick up children”. Once the children are in the 15 seater, then FUCK, CUNT, BITCH, PISS, DAMN, GODDAMN, SHIT and ASS and ASS derivatives are definitely out.

    TITS though….. you can say TITS in front of church kids.

  9. Brendan L says:

    @MPB, being a 31 year old white dude from middle class suburbia definitely didn’t help with perspective growing up, but I can see how the words (especially cunt) can affect you growing up. Having a younger sister (Sean put it perfectly about the “older brother” song and dance), I have seen how other words have an effect for sure. It is pretty unfair how “slut” and “whore” are so negative when attached to women, but when men are called it…it’s almost like an endearing cute personality quirk. I think whether it is these words now or different ones in the future, there is always going to be an intrinsic need for people to create slang based on men and women’s natural differences. Unfortunately, there is always going to be hate and there will always be verbal tools for people to use. It would be nice to see those tools get even more dull.

  10. Alec says:

    Pete, you should definitely check out The Brave Little Toaster before the awful live+CGI remake comes out and poisons the well for you.

    The original was about innocence and abandonment, obsolescence and consumerism. The new one will feature an iPhone and is being developed by a company that, in their own words, is “focused on the exploitation of each property on multiple platforms in addition to and in coordination with the films” they’re producing.

    Also, I have the opposite feeling about the word genocide that you guys seemed to have. I think you’ve mentioned on other shows that our brains are predisposed to look for patterns and then label them. Sometimes, *not* having any label makes something harder to grasp, and that’s what I think can happen with genocide. It’s such a massive crime that regular words can’t really deal with the scale of it all.

  11. MPB says:

    @Brendan L at this point in my life, as an adult woman, I can deal with words like pussy and cunt. But growing up I had the exact same reading on those words as Glass has on “faggot” for young gay kids. I knew pussy and cunt were synonyms for women/girls, and it’s pretty hard for a middle schooler to process some “higher meaning.” Trust me, those words (especially cunt) are still super super loaded, and can really easily make a young woman feel offended and powerless as the same time.

  12. Amanda says:

    The part in the Brave Little Toaster where the vacuum sucks up it’s own cord used to terrify me as a child. I don’t know why, but it does.

  13. Brendan L says:

    @bastien and @M, I think what they were going for is that words like “pussy” have reached a level of surpassing their actual literal definition. I’m sure when used in the correct context, words like pussy, dick, cunt, cock, ass, prick….the first thing that comes to mind is someone’s demeanor or actions…the actual anatomy is just an afterthought. On the contrary, I don’t think words like gay or faggot have done the same…there is still a lot of hate behind them. There also is the issue that Mr. Glass stressed, which is that these words are extremely harmful to young minds who may not be as confident in how they view themselves.
    Point is, I just think many things in life are unnecessarily given too much scrutiny (case in point). If these words are really causing you turmoil or you think they are delaying any sort of civil progression, I feel for you….things aren’t exactly pointing up.

  14. M says:

    @bastien, yes yes thank you! And I commend that friend for saying that at a first meeting!

    Also, I didn’t realize taking offense and pointing out ingrained and institutionalized misogyny was “depending on society to feel good”. I mean, wtf?

    As much as I love the show this episode really made me uncomfortable. And not bc of the cunt talk (much prefer that word for its etymological origins) but so much casual offensiveness and privilege…

  15. mitchell b says:

    minor radiohead reference <3

  16. Jake says:

    @Pete – Thanks for having to chronically defend atheists from ignorance.
    “Hardcore/militant atheists are just as bad as fundamental christians.” Except for the part where hardcore athiests sometimes write nasty messages on facebook and hardcore christians sometimes shoot up abortion clinics. “They are just as bad because they are sure they are right.” The vast majority of atheists don’t claim absolute knowledge of God’s nonexistence. They just don’t believe in God. Knowledge and Belief are not mutually exclusive. They don’t believe in God like they don’t believe in bigfoot or leprechauns or russell’s teapot. They don’t claim absolute knowledge that those things don’t exist.

    @bastien – “When your friend told you to say “ballsack” instead, the point she was making is that you would NEVER say that, and yet you’d so freely throw the female body part under the bus.” Men call each other “dicks” all the time.

    • Maurizio says:

      True however don’t forget that communism nearly wiped out orthodox christianity in Russia and buddhism in China, deaths in the 100s of millions.
      Essentially, there is fundamentalism on both sides and fundamentalism is fundamentally the problem.

  17. bastien says:

    When you’re a man and you’re saying a word that references a female body part as if it’s an insult, or something that is inherently bad…then yes, you ARE being anti-feminist.

    The entire reason words like that are used with negative connotations is because society has always deemed women to be inferior to men. When your friend told you to say “ballsack” instead, the point she was making is that you would NEVER say that, and yet you’d so freely throw the female body part under the bus.

  18. fdfasfasfd says:

    hey pete. get someone to fix the timestamp on the players. this one shows 2h 73m when it’s 2h 13m.

  19. mitchell b says:

    someone needs to make an animated clip of drunk frat bot psychic

  20. Mark says:


  21. CAL says:

    Favorite Brave Little Toaster Character:

    The Lamp

  22. Laura says:

    My spirit animal wears wrap-around oakleys!!!! A-mazing, Pete:)

  23. Tina says:

    Best episode ever. Seriously.

  24. LOL says:

    “Work on that, HTML” LOLOLOLOLOL

  25. vegangrrrrl says:

    My bf-ex had a shirt from The Cure’s Curiosa tour. I always referred to it as his ‘Bi-Curiousa shirt’. He thought it was funny? I found the relationshipy portion to show Sean Patton to be vulnerable and sweet. Sincere Girl Advice: Make SURE your eye contact during sex can not be mistaken for the unfliching death stare of some sort of sociopathic Al Gore. BLINK.
    Also, cunt is just the best.

  26. mark says:

    I’m loving these longer episodes! Keep ’em up.

  27. Sheila says:

    I loved The Brave Little Toaster! My friends and I used to randomly quote from it.

    “We’re trapped like rats! Small rats, with no hair and one leg!”