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Episode 7: You Made It Weird
Neal Brennan

You Made It Weird #7: Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan, who co-created the friggin’ Chappelle Show for crying out loud (and is a great, hilarious standup, writer and director), has the best show biz stories in the world. He shared a ton of them here, as well as a couple of the things that make him incredibly weird. Neal, like past guests, is another brunch buddy, and we’ve recreated the feel of one of our many vegan feast chats here for you to enjoy. SO ENJOY. Got it, weirdos?

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  1. Colby says:

    Horribly sad to listen to listen to a rich straight white guy speak so poorly about minorities. This is a major clunker in the YMIW vault. Neal paints with a giant uninformed brush. Love Pete though.

  2. Ruthie says:

    This is the fucking dumbest, least informed theory on gender that I’ve ever heard. I want to make fun of it, but it already sounds like a bad joke to me. Talk about hack, Jesus, I’m so tired of hearing it, especially in comedy.

  3. Laura says:

    Perhaps Summer wasn’t a man hater, but just became a Neal Brennan hater when she got to know him? (Coffee story and attitude towards women strikes me as indicators of overall worse than Haiti-ness) He did bring the glorious Pop Copy into this earthly plane though, so that makes up for the former.

  4. Randy Savage says:

    Love the podcast, just got into Pete Holmes and the crew. It was really hard to swallow this episode just because of that whole coffee story. A production assistant is there for the whole production, and while I understand you can ask them to do personal favors for you, I don’t like the idea that you deserve everything to be perfect for you just because you are more important. I really liked Neal Brennan and love Pete Holmes and hopefully I’ll be able to shake this from my memory because it really made my heart really sad to hear this kind of thinking.

  5. Kass says:

    Wow. So… I might be done with sex with men- thanks, “You Made It Weird”! Ack factor^9 on sex as violence.

    This episode hurt my head in the middle. I’m going to go listen to Sex Nerd Sandra to gain some equilibrium/restore my hope in dudes.

    (You got me back with the Stallon story though- awesome!)

  6. Sam says:

    Presumptuous that we have jobs? As snooty as I found that remark, funny, it’s true for me, I don’t have a job hahah. But if I did have a fancy job I would pack my own damn lunch and pour my own damn coffee. If I trust someone with what I want, way I want, it’s ME.

  7. TaylorBot3000 says:

    I think complaining about what’s in your dressing room sounds like bitch shit because it IS bitch shit. First off let me say I love the podcast, your stand up, and Chappelle’s Show was a huge part of me and my friends’ life in high school but you guys kinda sounded like douches this time. To expect that your work environment needs to be perfect for you to do well is asking too much. NO ONE gets everything the way they want and I think true talent would be being able to work through that. Think about some one like a surgeon. Their jobs are waaaaaaay harder than yours and they get called in the middle of the night sometimes for some emergency surgery or something. Yeah I get that you can’t screw up because you can’t hide because your failure is immediate but you just have to pick yourself up again. But they CAN’T SCREW UP OR SOMEONE DIES!!! You guys aren’t putting things in perspective. Asking for a water fountain is NOT the same as asking for MnMs without yellows! Also if you mess up that should be on YOU! Don’t blame your failure on a sandwich. I agree that it would be annoying if I asked for a coffee and a half hour later they still hadn’t gotten it but maybe you shouldn’t have been late. I don’t know. I’m just rambling now. But you get my point. Your job may be important to you (which it should be) but have some perspective and don’t feel like you are so entitled to a perfect sandwich before you perform because you aren’t. No one is. That whole conversation just bugged me. Usually if something sounds like bitch shit, it is. You guys really tried to justify it but I just wasn’t buying it.

    Anyways I really do love the show! Just thought I’d share my thoughts and make your comments section weird. 🙂

  8. AJ says:

    Really enjoying YMIW. Keep up the good work!

  9. josh says:

    Every time I see Neal perform, I know he’s going to do some deep-digging, thought-provoking stuff. Last year I went to the Comedy Store really late one night and saw Neal for the first time. There were less than six of us in the crowd by that point, and he kept asking why we were all still there. He seemed genuinely confused and borderline angry about it. The vibe was almost like he was the club owner, and he had tried every way he could think of to get people to leave so he could close up and go home, and as a last resort he went up to pretend to do a set just so he could usher us out from the stage. Finally, he sighed and started telling jokes. The subtext made me laugh that much harder.

    Pete, the “alt-hack” notion is great. Another one to add to the list is reminiscing about blowing into old Nintendo games to make them work. If I never hear that one again, it’ll be too soon.

  10. Ben Black says:

    Good of Neal to note that human rights is just a trendy fad among white liberals who only care because of how much they hate everything. A hundred-years-old, trendy, stupid fad

  11. Jessica says:

    I <3 You made it wierd, my new fav podcast!!!!