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Episode 66: You Made It Weird
Michelle Buteau

You Made It Weird #66: Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau (Comedy Central! VH1! Last Comic Standing!) is a wonderful, wonderful weirdo and just a true delight! DARE I SAY SASSY?! I dare. So much sassitude. SASSITUDE. So much fun. Please enjoy this romp down comedy, friendship, and fun. GET INTO IT, YOU WEIRDOS!!

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  1. lora bandi says:

    My favorite episode — you two are hilarious & so delightful together. Very apparent to the listener how much you enjoy one another — makes for a sincerely pleasing podcast experience. Please do more Michelle-Pete comedy duo whatever-whatevers again soon.

  2. laura says:

    Crazy Praises! Beat It, (K)Barl ! Lurveskies this episode. Pete interviewing the ladies is my favorite. Girl talk at itz best every towwwme, and she is totes a lolarious keepin’ it real delight. I like to get to my extra scoop for my milkshake from coconut ice cream, avoid that lactose, okrrrrr!

  3. Brock says:

    Yo Pete, if you’re ever in West Africa you should definitely go to some sort of religious service. You might understand “Crazy Praises” a little better after seeing religion in Africa. They don’t fuck around with not dancing and praising. They believe in God. Like, actually believe. Disclaimer – I’ve only been to a few services in Ghana, but from what the people there said about African religion, I’m assuming it’s similar in other parts of the region.

  4. casey says:

    Pete, just that there’s a comic whose bio mentions an appearance on a very prestigious podcast. He was never on the show, something that can be easily proved. Strange and ballsy, no? A friend of mine is considering having this guy on his podcast and I wondered if I should mention it. Would you want to know if you were in my friend’s position?

  5. Jasper Rijkeboer says:

    All the Dutchies say what, what! 😉
    This Dutch dude enjoyed episode 66. Michelle did a pretty good pronunciation of Eindhoven. Loved the show, and boy do these two get along well!

  6. Pete Holmes says:

    Casey, yes I think so? Not sure I understand.

  7. Clay Oppenhuizen says:

    Dutch husband ftw!!! I’m just excited to hear about a dutchmen, being that my ancestors come from there. Excellent episode Pete and Michelle!

  8. Heeather says:

    I’m a sassy lady that listens!

    Been enjoying your podcasts and listening to your stories. Can relate to your relationship stories and theres not a day that goes by I don’t regret leaving my first bf, HS sweetheart, because I starting doing things for me. (Trying to get off the bandwagon, or on it. Can never figure out if I want to be on or off the wagon. I think I’d want to be on it as opposed to walking next to it– that sounds strenuous and dusty. Wagon wheels also seem dangerous.)

    Find it tough dating in my hometown of Phoenix though. In our current economy, a guy will marry me a Visa or want to use my Visa for a pack of Mickey’s big-mouths. Rather keep a “ring off it” and my Visa full of things I buy of Etsy.

    Keep it Krispy Pete!!!

  9. casey says:

    I listened to fifty minutes of this before realizing that I’ve met Michelle in person. She was hilarious on stage and delightful off stage!

    Pete, I’ll ask you this since I know you read these comments. If you were considering having someone on your show who wasn’t a friend but just a colleague and they’d lied in their bio about a prestigious credit they had, would you want to know?

  10. robopanda says:

    Does the “Keep It Crispy” shirt reveal the death of the Not Feelin’ It chicken? And did he feel it?

  11. Mark says:

    Also: Pete being born in New England to a 39yo lightly overbearing mother rings uncomfortably close to my own life. Or maybe comfortably close!

  12. Jess says:

    i’m a girl and i listen! pete, you always make me giggle, and michelle you were awesome. represent jersey! <3

  13. Chris says:

    Man, Michelle is cute as hell!

  14. Sharon says:

    Crazy praises!

  15. Mark says:

    The version of this on iTunes has the conversation audio come in immediately, over the intro, so there are two Petes going at once for a while. I thought for a second I’d been drugged by a villainous coworker.

  16. Matt says:

    Man, I want to get sassy with Michelle. She sounds super fun.

  17. Maul says:

    OMG I was totally singing I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS RIGHT BEFORE YOU STARTED!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MG says:

    I am a girl who listens!