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Episode 53: You Made It Weird
Alison Rosen

You Made It Weird #53: Alison Rosen

Alison Rosen (Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast, Adam Carolla show) was so kind to have Pete as her first guest for her wonderful podcast and they had such a great time that she was FOR SURE going to have to make it weird sooner than later. And she has. Made it weird. Here. “THE DICK DOES THE FUCKIN'”and other catchphrases await! Get weird, weirdos!

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  1. Alison Rosen is extremely talented and her latest interview with good ol Dr. Drew is proof why she’s becoming such a hit. –

  2. jimjim says:

    “… but don’t forget the ghost dick”.

    i lol’ed

  3. J.P.C. says:

    “I like to think of kids at first sight where, There is an urgency to take whats in you, and whats in me and blend it. I wanna watch that thing walk around and make the world better” I really love you pete. you are the best. Come to Albany, NY, please.

  4. Maul says:

    That shit was thoroughly good.

    I was quite impressed by the this conversation.

  5. Clem says:

    I think Alison seemed a little freaked out during some of that sex talk. It might be a good idea to scale back a bit on some of the rawness when the guest is not a good friend or an outright open book. I know it’s supposed to be “weird,” but still….

  6. Tomcat says:

    Alison and Pete are so quick, two of the best improv minds I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. A delightful episode that is a good example of what Pete talks about when it is “all green lights” Well done Pete you are my new favorite comedian see you at the Comedy Works.

  7. I really enjoy Alison Rosen on the Adam Carolla podcast. I think she continues to grow and develop as a side kick to Adam. That’s not an easy task to do!

    This episode was the quickest almost 2 hours ever! The conversation was a genuine delight to listen to. There was such a great rapport between Alison and Pete. It was a fun episode.

    “You Make it Weird” is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! Awesome job Pete!

  8. crowTrobot says:

    Hmm the podcast abruptly cuts off for me after shortly after an hour and if I place the locator to the remaining minutes it plays the beginning part of the podcast.

    Great episode though, despite the lack of gamefly liveread (which is my favorite segment!)

  9. jimmer says:

    pete i cant believe you did this allison was talking about how she feels like shes back in high school and she said “also i re-enrolled in high school” AND YOU GAVE IT NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!! you didnt even notice and you seem really obsessed with proper audience reaction. love the show!

  10. Josh says:

    Great episode, Pete! Alison Rosen is a delight! Love you self-effacing hyper-aware deep thinkers! Great conversation to listen in on.

    I was really glad I didn’t have an out-of-body experience while you guys were talking about how the episode was going, btw. If I did, I would have found myself watching myself listening to a podcast talk about itself. Just thinking about that gives me a headache.

  11. Hey You Guys says:

    Love, love, love how frank and articulate this got without relinquishing the silly. New favorite ep.

  12. Spencer says:

    Pete you should rename the podcast “Pete Holmes’ Magical Metaphorest.” Seriously dude, you just hop on that metaphor rollercoaster and take it up and down the hills and valleys of artistic expression and by the time you lift the safety bars of literary construct and walk out the exit you’re so confused you just get right back on the ride.

  13. VonRiesling says:

    Wonderful sparkling conversation. If you don’t already have a crush on Alison Rosen this will push you over the edge.