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Episode 45: You Made It Weird
Shelby Fero

You Made It Weird #45: Shelby Fero

Holy cow. Pete knew Shelby Fero was a Twitter monster, but it turns out she’s a hilarious and thoughtful delight. A DELIGHT! How she’s this legit delightful and EIGHTEEN we’ll never know. Not to be ageist. Lots of cool people are young. But she’s like OLD cool. You’ll see. Lots of “when I was your age” and other weirdness for you to enjoy. Please do so now, weirdos!

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  1. Bubbowrap says:

    I always come into the ‘unknowns’ with zero expectations and am 9/10 times blown away by these people. Definitely following her now on Twitter, and anytime I hear anyone say that women aren’t funny, I’ll just show them her account.

  2. William says:

    She makes me laugh and that is an amazing gift to be able to make laughter happen.

  3. Mark says:

    What a fucking delightful episode!

  4. Shendry714 says:

    Been following @shelbyfero for over a year now and I simply adore her. There is nothing this girl cant do. The best of Tweeter.

  5. Shelby really should be on a TV show about not liking college rather than in college not liking college. Why would she take a class from someone with fewer followers than her; what could they possibly have to teach her? They should have her playing Laura Prepon’s smart ass niece on that Chelsea show, they need a Seinfeld, a decisively smart character to reflect upon the idiocy of the others. Otherwise there’s just mayhem without focus or commentary. She’d anchor the shit out of that show. Make it happen Pete!

  6. Dirk Marshall says:

    Pete, don’t you think the person that tweeted “that joke won’t fly” was making a flightless bird joke. (No it wasn’t me.)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    “i kind of love everything”

    I love Pete Holmes (as a fan of his, hopefully not in a creepy way haha)

    I understand if it irked you or if you simply noticed it, but to me it mostly sounded like he was quickly trying to skip the topic (maybe he feels she’s too young to go “on the record”).

    She was great on the episode though btw!

  8. Josh says:

    I just figured out why @Jim listens to YMIW. He’s a masochist, and “keep it crispy” is his safe word. “Word?” you ask? Isn’t “keep it crispy” three words? Yep… But, you know, sometimes two words aren’t even enough…

    Me? I find YMIW a delight. An American treasure. Totally “yummo”. But hey, that’s just me. I’m one of those weirdos who like being entertained by entertainment.

  9. Greg says:

    Nick Kroll had the [email protected] to say something about the laugh but what about the “Delight” references. I was just thinking about how often you drop the word “delight” into an interview only to see it used 3 times in the description. What’s next Rachel Ray? “Yummo”?

    I can’t even listen to this now.

    Unless your

  10. highwyre237 says:

    If only I were this together at her age…

    Another great episode

  11. Pete Holmes says:

    haaa, i think aliens and all that could totally exist in a godless world, i didn’t mean to imply that you can’t believe in aliens and not believe in god. in fact, i’ve always admired the atheist appreciation of the wonder of the universe in ITSELF and the lack of need to tack anything to a deity. but you guys know me, i kind of love everything.

    thank you weirdos!

  12. Jim says:


    He didn’t present a particularly strong or offensive challenge; my point was just that he has literally never challenged anyone else at all. It’s another data point to establish a trend.

  13. Sarah says:

    I feel guilty that the main thing I took from this lovely episode was what a complete, eff-ing assclown I was at her age.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Atheists are accused (wrongly in my opinion) of saying, “there couldn’t be a being more advanced than us or that we can’t understand.”

    I would counter accuse believers of saying, “a universe could not exist in a way that we cannot conceive of or through means we can’t understand” (i.e. without a conscious creator).

  15. Elizabeth says:

    They didn’t really talk about it, I wouldn’t say he challenged her. The only thing I can remember that he said to her as a “challenge” is: doesn’t her belief in aliens also suggest there is a god? To me it doesn’t any more than humans’ existence.

    Let’s say her belief is that there are so many planets out there that some of them are also bound to have life, what is the relationship? There are so many planets out there that if you search enough one of them is bound to have god on it? (or Mitt Romney after he dies). j/k and no offense meant to Mormons.

    I know this is not how Pete means it. He means if you believe the universe is so immense and so wondrous don’t you think that requires a god. It’s really the same question (and assumption) without aliens. The world, humans, animals are so amazing don’t you think it requires a god? Well who knows.

    If believing there most likely is no god is fundamentalist, then believing that a wondrous universe could not exist without a god (or conscious being creator) is just as fundamentalist because you also cannot know this to be the case. It could have happened in ways you can’t imagine or conceive of but where there wasn’t a conscious creator.

  16. Jim says:

    Pete finally challenged someone a little bit on their religious beliefs! Oh, and what a surprise, it’s because she said she was an atheist.

  17. Mark Rajca says:

    This sounds so great and love the how the conversation flowed!

    I’m moving to Shelby-ville!

  18. DD says:

    Downloading it now. Sounds like a good one!

  19. Ian says:

    What a sweetie. And I mean that in the least condescending way possible. The gal is a genuine talent.

  20. Kass says:

    “I understand you did better on the SATs than me… do you take those? What are the kids into?” And I lost it. This was a great episode- can’t wait to listen to the next Shelby filled episode.

  21. Mistletoe says:

    Yeah. I’ve got one of those kinds of crushes on Fero that sort of makes you angry at the world. You know those, right?

    Just me? I’ll see myself out, then.

  22. Pierre says:

    Jesus christ what an adorable talent. The only thing keeping my seething jealousy and envy in check right now is a LOT of alcohol. a LOT.

  23. Geoff says:

    The fake video games might be the funniest thing ever.


  24. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to buy a t-shirt to show off my weird boobs!!!! LMAO

  25. Julia Hays says:

    I’d like to attend Shelby’s hypothetical outdoor party, because she is a delight! I hope you have her back again soon.

  26. Josh says:

    Word! The world is at this girl’s feet, man. My wife and I were both saying we can’t wait to see her on SnL!

  27. MarissaLG says:

    Oh man, I love @shelbyfero! I can’t wait till she’s super famous and I can say, “I remember when she was just a lil ol’ twitter juggernaut.” Okay, I probably won’t ever say that, but she is super cool and I am a fan.