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Episode 38: You Made It Weird
Mike Lawrence

You Made It Weird #38: Mike Lawrence

Some weirdos have been requesting more up-and-coming and less “established” comedians for a glimpse into the beginnings of standup and Mike Lawrence, although he has appeared on John Oliver’s New York Standup Show and taped Conan shortly after recording this episode, at least somewhat fits that bill. A super weird guy and a super interesting and hilarious guy. Please enjoy, you weirdos!

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  1. Tillburg says:

    Wait you started at The Chocolate Moose? As in the ice cream parlor with no seating? I’d love to know this.

  2. Ben Hail says:

    I found out that Steve Jobs died at an open mic once. Once when Steve Jobs died. That time.

  3. Charlie says:

    I just saw Mike open for Marc Maron at the Stress Factory. Hilarious! In a sad sad way.

  4. Josh says:

    Great episode Pete! This guy is literally in the beginning of “making it” — not that anybody in any career ever “makes it” — so interesting! Can’t wait to here you interview him 2 years from now, say, episode 200 something.

    Or, depending on how many listeners you get, maybe you should interview him once the number of your downloads syncs up with McDonald’s number served? 2030, YMIW, 100 billion served!

    Keep on crispifyin’!

  5. Nick H says:

    What a great episode! I heard Mike Lawrence on a live WTF and was like who is this guy? This elaborated on that and made for a really riveting episode. Great origin story!

  6. KajusX says:

    Minor correction on Gray Hulk— It didn’t cost more money to make him gray so they made him green. The change was because the printers couldn’t consistently print the hulk gray with their cmyk limitations, so they changed his color to green, which was easier to nail with cyan and yellow.

    Overall, Pete was correct that MANY decisions are mandated by production costs. Other decisions are made due to limitations of technology, of which was the Hulk’s original skin color, and also why many heroes are red and blue.

    Our printers are much better now than they were in the ’40s, ’60s, etc, so any limitations nowadays are usually about production costs.

  7. Jessica says:

    Another great episode Pete how in the world do you manage to always keep it soooo CRISPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!