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Episode 30: You Made It Weird
Kyle Kinane

You Made It Weird #30: Kyle Kinane

Pete talks sex, Chicago, and a whole lotta comedy with his good friend Kyle Kinane. Also, Pete yells “Kinaaaaaaaaaaane!” a lot and you should, too.

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  1. choy says:

    Also on the subject of vegetarianism and trying to be morally conscious of the businesses you patronize – the argument of not being able to always know if you’re consuming responsibly shouldn’t stop people from making any sort of effort. There will always be people on all sides of the argument ready to call you a hypocrite, but any effort is better than none at all, and the idea of “all or nothing” is unrealistic for even the most hardcore activist dogooders by the mere fact that we live in a society and are not self-sustaining hermits in a cave somewhere. Those who would criticize any effort are missing the point and seem to be making it more about how we’re viewed in the eyes of others, rather than what our actions are really accomplishing.
    But I say if being a bit less of a dick in life makes you slightly more hypocritical, it’s a worthy trade off. Plus you’re still a better person than the bigger dick that chooses to remain ignorant and lazy.

  2. laura says:

    Animals are sentient creatures, comparing them to plants is just silly.
    Also, vegetarians/vegan eat fewer plants due to the inefficienacy of modern day animal agriculture. The animals you eat (and I used to) have to be fed plants. in order to survive to the killing floor.

    Also, Animal Agriculture is the single worst thing for the environment, worse than cars. Worse than cars! I don’t find caring about multiple issues (animals, earth, boycotting Proctor and Gamble) to ostricize me from society.
    Virginia is right-There are tons of well known vegans and vegetarians nowadays- Bill Clinton, Russell Simmons, both Venus and Serena Williams, Ellen Degeneres/Portia D, Steve Wynn etc.

  3. Spray-Tan says:

    I’m proud of Pete for talking about the seldom mentioned Guatemala chicken rape epidemic.

    Also, just to make it weird for a second, Vegetarianism is silly to me.
    I agree with the idea of earning your meal, but there is no hierarchy or pyramid to life. If you get a salad at a restaurant you’re just as guilty as the people eating steaks, you didn’t pull the lettuce out of ground, taking it’s ability to continue growing and living away. Just like the people eating the steaks didn’t slit the cows throat or decapitate the chicken. I choose to eat meat because I understand a living creature died for the meal that keeps me alive, the empathy makes it taste that much better.
    I completely get not wanting to eat something because of how cute it is on your scale of cuteness. I would never eat a dog, but to state like a fact, that animals feel more than plant life is ridiculous. Life is life, regardless of what shell it’s stuck in.

  4. Virginia says:

    Incredibly weird show! Totally great. Loved the thoughtful talk about the weirdness of vegetarianism- I’ve been veg for 24 years (!), and my response to your concerns about vegetarianism putting you outside society- it’s more tipping point talk, because if enough people are veg, it becomes mainstream! That’s why PETA is always talking about Alicia Silverstone and Weird Al Yankovic being vegetarians- it normalizes it for the regular weirdos! Love the show.

  5. Rev. Mike says:

    Rockford is a shit hole for the most part, but it produced me. And Crimpshrine were supposed to play there on their last tour, I don’t know if Aaron and Jeff actually made it. Kyle would appreciate that one. I’m pretty sure we went to a lot of the same shows at the Fireside in the 90’s. I love you Kyle.

  6. Fin says:

    You should do more guest intros, that was brilliant.

  7. Julia Hays says:

    I think that was my favorite ending yet!

  8. Josephus T. Failure says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. The discussion of “twitter” comics seems to be heating up–Christian Finnegan and Megan Amram had a fascinating online “debate” about it on the Huffington Post this week. There does seem to be a whole raft of twitter-oriented one-liner comedians, and it was interesting to hear Pete and Kyle talk about it.

  9. Alec says:

    Space Quests 4 &5 were the best. >:|

  10. abe says:

    good stuff. hope to catch both of y’all next week, but sxsw is reliably difficult on my sanity. oh, and the kids are on spring break. but a pizza, a six pack, and mulan on the dvd should keep them occupied for a few hours…

  11. highwyre237 says:


  12. Andrew says:

    Keep it crispy! CHIKAGO! …Ugh…this banana is disgusting.

    Catchphrase. Catchphrase. All too real & sober comment with no context.

    Now that’s how you end a show! Had me laughing for a minute.

  13. the dude says:

    The earth spins to the east. around 850mph around the latitud that L.A. is on.

  14. Thomothy says:

    I’ve been waiting for this episode with baited breath ever since you mentioned it on twitter, Pete. so excited for the weirdness.