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Episode 26: You Made It Weird
Dave Holmes

You Made It Weird #26: Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes (no relation, MTV, A Drink With Dave, comedy) is the greatest. Just one of the funniest and nicest guys you’d ever want to meet AND he lost that MTV VJ competition to that weird Jesse guy! Of course, Pete asks about that and learns that Dave is asked about that on the daily. So, needless to say: weird. Also, lots of sexy sex talk for you sex people out there, getting all sexy. GET CRISPY, WEIRDOS!

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SAMURAI IRON MAN, SUICIDE SQUAD JOKER Headline Bandai Tamashii Nations' New Toys

SAMURAI IRON MAN, SUICIDE SQUAD JOKER Headline Bandai Tamashii Nations' New Toys

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Tonight’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is ‘Beautiful’ Messed Up, and …

Tonight’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is ‘Beautiful’ Messed Up, and …



  1. Brian says:

    Pete is so gr8 4 real

  2. chris says:

    Just finished listening, I loved this episode. I have enjoyed all the episodes, so thank you Pete Holmes, but this really got at me. Thanks for this.

  3. Pete Holmes says:

    thanks dan!! and everyone else for the good words. dave was a great guest!

  4. Dan says:

    I must say, after essentially going ape-shit on your podcast the past few weeks, I’ve listened to them all and it’s so great to see how you’ve really grown into your own skin as an interviewer. This episode really showed some prowess around some sensitive subject matter while retaining that intellitard vibe that we all like so much.
    Oh, and I apologize for that strange email I sent you a couple days ago. I was sleep deprived and my two kids were running around the house screaming while I was writing it. It almost felt like drunk-emailing at the end there. …*sigh*……fuck.

  5. Julia Hays says:

    Dave is a very enjoyable guest. This episode ran longer than most, but I felt like there was still much more that could have been covered.

    I would also like to say that Pete’s observation regarding journalists ruining each other’s takes by speaking over their audio is indeed correct. I work for a newspaper and have had TV reporters try and steal my interviews before, so my approach has been to interject a lot during the interview by say “uh huh yes ok” over and over throughout so it’s unusable for the TV folks. I will note that this isn’t with malice toward the competition; I’ve only done it when they’re trying to piggyback on my work instead of doing their own interview. Cut-throat biz!

  6. J. says:

    Ryan: I want a Holmes & Homes podcast called “Holmiis” now. Please universe, hear my plea!

    This was a fun episode! The Brennan episode hurt my brain so much I couldn’t get past the halfway mark (the only episode I just couldn’t listen to so far), and this episode kinda made up for it! I hope you have Dave Holmes on again – soon!

  7. Kelly says:

    Great Show! I’ve enjoyed this podcast from the first episode, but the dynamic on this one was fantastic. I especially enjoyed Pete’s snorts of glee when Dave would bring up a topic he was hoping to touch on. Delightful!

  8. Vee says:

    Whoa, that one got deep. This was one of the most engaging podcasts so far, and I actually backed it up in a couple of spots, just to hear what was being said again.

    Well done, guys. Please do another show together, you mesh wonderfully.

  9. Ryan says:

    This was really great. The 2 Holmeses (Holmii?) have a great dynamic together.