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Episode 250: You Made It Weird
Emily V. Gordon Returns

You Made It Weird #250: Emily V. Gordon Returns

From Pete: With the loss of our brilliant, warm, loving friend Harris Wittels this past week we encourage everyone to go back and listen to some of his appearances on the show, in particular the Returns episode, if only to help us understand the struggles of addiction and how to help those we love. As I’m guessing many of you have already done so, here is a new Emily Gordon returns episode, always my go-to as one of (if not the) favorite guests we’ve had, as a special 250th episode. Such a sad week, but I hope you enjoy this fun, silly gab. Thanks for all the online love, and thanks for getting us to 250! You all mean so much to me; thank you.

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  1. hashish says:

    I deduce I’m about to cum…
    I’m saying that out loud next time I do the midnight organ fight.

  2. thuG says:

    Yay for 250! I also identify with  having the savior complex, but had some big big breakthroughs last year. Thank you for sharing and thank you Emily for being so patient and straightforward. Must say that I really hurt for you Pete when you feel the need to dump a page of explanation on top of a question. It’s okay, love and thanks.

  3. SJ says:

    Loved the show. Emily is just a pleasure to listen to, as is Petey-Pants. I have one request: Pete appears to have a very strong interest in nutrition. He watches many documentaries etc. However, his understanding of the science/specifics of these nutritional believes are basically fairy tales. Aspartame becomes a toxin that requires being enveloped in mucus or fat? This has no basis in reality. I assume you were told this off-hand by a masseur/crystal healer/fortune teller. I would request that if you care enough to discuss nutrition you bring on someone with some scientific know-how to hash out the facts. Please consider this a genuine request and not a trolling comment. Thanks again for the great show.

  4. IlikeIT says:

    Pete, I don’t know if you’re going to read this or not but please try inviting Russell Brand on the show! I feel like his mentality is very close to yours and it would make a great episode!

  5. Matthew says:

    Loved the episode, Emily was great of course, but I’m remiss to forget the top of the show remembering Harris in spite of a good episode with a great conversation. I feel like for gracing us all with (I swear it’s timeless) Peanu Keyes, we should be launching his ashes into space or something monumental like that. Re-listening to his returns podcast, I was flooded with the memories of the laughs and deep conversation I felt when I heard it the first time at work (and I admit, my efficiency on that day probably lowered, such a good listen). We are deprived of a great talent far too soon.

  6. George Jefferson says:

    I love so much that Emily is ready to actively examine 50 Shades. It’s a piece of shit, but sometimes even crappy erotica needs to be enjoyed, particularly when it works its way into the zeitgeist.

  7. choy says:

    Emily’s episodes are like therapy for me (appropriately) – there were a lot of things said by both her and Pete that I relate to, like the savior complex and the “punk rock Stepford Wife”… they seem to have in common that desire to be there for others, but it’s great that Emily can also step outside of it and tell Pete “that’s not your job”. Pointing out that trying to guide other people is a reflection of you being afraid to take control of yourself – had to pause and let that one sit for a minute. Seems obvious now, but so brilliant.Hilarious too – can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  8. Nikki says:

    “…so if the world attacks and we slide off track, remember one fact I got you back”

  9. Nikki says:

    Emily is my best friend, she just doesn’t know it yet :p—-ps pee with door open, poo with door closed. 

  10. ericmci says:

    Is Emily V. Gordon saying Sher-lack?  ?

  11. Me says:

    Damn can’t sit through this one. I feel like I’m eaves dropping on two valley girls gossiping about cute boys. 

  12. Pip says:

    ‘grats on 250, Petey! You make it weird in all our hearts and the world wouldn’t be the same without you.

  13. niue says:

    Isn’t being a Veagan and drinking alcohol a contradiction?

  14. Kati says:

    This episode left me buzzing, I could have gone for 2 more hours. Delving into the world of Emily now – can’t wait for the book, sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Pete, for sharing your amazing friends with us!

  15. Lee Benningfield says:

    I want to listen to Emily talk about everything forever.

  16. Matthew says:

    I could listen to Emily talk forever.  You two were great together.  2 hours felt like 20 minutes and I wanted more.

  17. Josh says:

    Happy 250, Pete! Been a long, crispy trip, that’s for sure. I haven’t pressed play on this ep yet (will get to it soon) but I was thinking, how about we turn the “Pianu Keys” T-shirt into something charitable? I had forgotten that Pianu Keys came from Harris’ last episode. I haven’t purchased one yet, and wasn’t planning on it, but I totally will if I know that the money is going somewhere good. Anyway, just a thought…

  18. Kaitie says:

    Had to share. I was in Hong Kong during the release of Bridget Jones Diary II. To advertise the movie, giant posters with “BJ 2′ written over Renee Zellweger’s face were everywhere.