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Episode 236: You Made It Weird
Harris Wittels Returns

You Made It Weird #236: Harris Wittels Returns

Harris Wittels (Parks and Rec! Comedy! Don’t Stop or We’ll Die!) returns to make it weirder!

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Photo Credit: Tyler Ross

NOTE, FEBRUARY 2015: We mourn the passing of Harris Wittels, a friend to many at Nerdist and an amazing comedy talent. He was a guest on three of our shows; click these links to hear his first appearance on You Made it Weird, his appearance on a live You Made it Weird from L.A. Riot Festival, his appearance on Nerdist Writers Panel, and his appearance on Making It with Riki Lindhome.

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  1. It took over 26 minutes for this obnoxious host to finally let this man talk and tell his story.  His desire to be on the show and share his struggle was a call for help and he was so patient and polite as the host of the show kept dominating and de-railing the conversation.  I seriously cringed each time he was shut down, particularly when he obviously was trying to steer the interview to his drug problem – the host just kept yammering on about “ants..HA HA HA””  laughing at his own self perceived cleverness.  So heartbreaking to think that Harris came on his show to share a very real and vulnerable secret and this clown and his lack of empathy took over.  And now Harris is DEAD.  Such talent lost, and so heartbreaking that he wasn’t valued or respected during this important interview. An interview that could have empowers not only the subject sharing his story – but countless others who needed to hear his story.  SHAMEFUL.

    • Rick says:

      All those going after Pete in this comment section are cruel and without empathy. Pete was trying to lead him to a light place, and show him that he was loved and enjoyed. They are using a wonderful persons tragic passing as an opportunity to grand stand. Shame on you. And thanks for giving us this last, wonderful interview, Pete.

  2. Rebecca says:

    What a beautiful, honest, amazing interview. Thank you for sharing this. It was amazing to listen to and great to feel close to him for even just an hour and a half. Great job Pete. Harris will be missed and so thankful for the laughs. 

  3. NaturalBornChilla says:

    Very sad that he succumbed to his addiction… He seemed like a great, funny and talented guy. Only found out about him a week or 2 after his death. He died way too young and probably would have given us many laughs and good movies/shows. RIP Harris!

  4. rob in maine says:

    As an alcoholic ex drug user who has been to rehab a few times I just want to say his openness and honesty was amazing.  It isn’t easy and people hide.  When asked how I am I say “good”  when I am not.  I love his brave ability to say it like it was.   I hope we chill in the next world some day,  he seemed amazing.  The world is less.  Why is Chaney here but cool people die? 

  5. Gzoref says:

    “I totally agree with you” got changed to “Carrie Tobey” to a voice to-text mistake.