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Episode 233: You Made It Weird
David Vanderveen

You Made It Weird #233: David Vanderveen

F.O.R.B.S. (Friends of Rob Bell Series), surfer, writer, founder of XS Energy drink, amazing dude David Vanderveen makes it weird!

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  1. Mick says:

    Just caught this podcast. It’s interesting listening to David still struggling with his family/West Michigan imposed dogma. All this psycho-babble/metro-christian talk is just as harmful and confusing as full-on literal biblical theocracy. You’re preaching dude whether you realize it or not.

  2. kristin says:

    Least favorite ep for sure. Didn’t dig it.

  3. KP says:

    When talking about his sales pitch about Amway, he says the the reason people reject the sales pitch is fear of pursuing that kind of entrepreneurial endeavor. Imputing the motive of fear to someone who isn’t buying your pitch is, as Sarah Koenig might say, a dick move. I turned off the podcast immediately and won’t listen to the rest of it, and will probably never buy anything that Vanderveen is selling. Maybe he has useful things to say, but his salesman instincts bury that message. Also gotta say, my respect for Rob Bell also dropped a bit hearing that he counts such a craven salesman as a good friend.

  4. Hannah says:

    This episode really hit home for me. I grew up in a Christian Reformed household where religion was the law (yep, went to church twice on Sundays) and many topics (alcohol, sex etc) were simply never discussed. Listening to Pete and David talk about religion and parenthood has given me a new perspective on these topics. I’ve struggled for a few years now wondering what I really believe. I’ve been stuck between my family (very religious) and my friends (no faith) with nobody to there to really discuss my questions and thoughts. This podcast (and Pete’s podcasts in general) has really opened up a new dialogue with myself. I’m finally letting myself experience doubt and rebuild what my beliefs are. Thanks Pete!

  5. Lauren T. says:

    Pete, I would argue that if it’s “dead, over” for all of us, no one ever “finds out” what happens after death. One would have to observe the loss of consciousness and let it sink in that this is what death is, which would be pretty tough in that condition.

  6. miranda says:

    Christian Reformed Church represented here!  Haha, it’s such a tiny denomination made up of mainly folks of dutch background.  I’m still a Christian, but I don’t really consider myself CRC anymore, but it was nice to hear him mention ‘Calvin College’ and some things from the Christian Reformed Church in conversation here.  
    I don’t really get what this guy’s job is though.  Something with drinks?  

  7. Andrew says:

    I really enjoyed hearing his journey from childhood to parenthood.  I also drink more cocktails and go to less church than my parents, and it can be a long and arduous journey trying to understand what beliefs to hold onto and what beliefs to let go.  Enjoy his parenting perspective.  
    As far as Amway and XS, I think he’s spent so much time in the business world that it’s easy for him to slip into the sales stories  of why he’s unique, what his vision is, etc.  I didn’t mind it too much, because he sounded self-aware and was a little tongue-in-cheek, but the religion/surfing talk was much more interesting. 
    Thanks, Pete, for bringing new voices to our ears, there’s a lot of learning we all have to do!

  8. Bill says:

    Please stop using the words”AIDS” to describe being in a horrible situation.  Its kind of insensitve.  Its not a death sentence anymore

  9. Mike says:

    I’m having trouble getting through this episode.  Something about the guy seems really really fake.  Or a bit clueless.  He sounds like all my high up managers at work, especially our CEO.  I dunno, I’m really trying to like him but something is setting off my alarms.  It sounds like fake or acting altruism

  10. Adam says:

    Please continue talking to cool-ass Lord-lovers. It makes the living easier for this lug.

  11. Dw says:

    Totally disappointed in this episode. That’s cool they Pete had his friend on but Amway and XS Energy is a total pyramid scheme, and have been sued many time as such.

    • SH says:

      It actually isn’t a pyramid scheme because those are not legal and Amway has been running legally for over 50 years.  Amway is considered one of many Multi level marketing companies in the US.  Google MLM’s and you will see we have a lot of MLM companies here in the US. Not in Amway, just happen to know about MLM’s

      • Don't be a sucker says:

        If you drew a graphical representation of how you make money in Amway, you’d notice it is identical to a pyramid scheme.

    • Steve says:

      Amway had a case in 1979 which ended up in the FTC saying their were not a pyramid. There have not been sued many times for that. They are turning over around 12billion a year now. If something was off, it would have been figured out in the past 55 years bro.  

  12. Jordan says:

    Cutest Petey Pic!

  13. Quick correction: It’s not “Slip, Slather, Slop”, The Sunscreen slogan was “Slip, Slop, Slap”. The former is still available to be used for an erotic, body slide campaign.

  14. Arabrabbra says:

    Had no idea what to expect from this episode. Turned out to be probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite. He just seems like a genuine guy. Id love to go surfing with you guys. If only all Christians or people of religion were comfortable accepting it for what it is, the way David does. I want to have my daughter listen to this, and I will. She is 12 and there are wonderful lessons in here. One point I have ALWAYS made to her is to trust me to not discipline her harshly for safety reasons, such as drinking and driving. I told her no matter the time, date, place, dimension, whatever the circumstances, she is always to call me and I will come pick her up with NO QUESITONS ASKED. I will have a talk with her at a more appropriate time about her life choices, but her safety is number ONE

  15. Bryan says:

    I wish my parents listened to this episode a long time ago. Fantastic dialogue in this ep! Thanks Pete and Dave!

  16. Julian says:

    Great episode! But when are you gonna have Reggie on??

  17. Corbin says:

    quick correction, Pot was the “rebranding” of the “god given” seeded plant Cannabis (Kanneh Bosm)