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Episode 187: You Made It Weird
Mike Birbiglia Returns!

You Made It Weird #187: Mike Birbiglia Returns!

Mike Birbiglia (new album My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend!) makes it weird and wonderful AGAIN!

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  1. khirhi says:

    I just want to say, this episode was awesome and really helped me get through a tough day. My college friends are all leaving  and going separate ways (we all do improv/comedy together) and I was feeling really lonely. Listening to this one made me have the same feeling I had when I hang out with them. Thanks for what you do Pete!

  2. birbs says:

    it was right to tell the woman with the hypothetical that there was no scenario in which you’d see her “that way,” because it would have strung her along to leave that door open. but you should never have been in this situation — you knew this woman wanted a relationship with you, it was therefore selfish and emotionally irresponsible of you to sleep with her again at that party, knowing it would give her hope. i’ve had this issue with your discussion of women & relationships consistently since the start of the podcasts — you act like the problem is with honesty, that being too honest w “women” gets you in trouble (in quotation marks because you speak of women as though they are another species who must be figured out as a race instead of communicated with as people). but the problem is actually with a) your assessment of the interaction, which is based on whether it went your way instead of whether there was successful communication and b) with your conduct & character. you were honest enough w that woman the first time around to break it off with her — because you knew what she wanted. that was honorable correct conduct. when you saw her again at the party and pursued her sexually, she was not entirely out of order to think that indicated a change of heart, since she knew you knew her feelings and had acted on them before, why didn’t they matter now? (of course the same onus is on her — if she still wanted a relationship and knew you didn’t, she shouldn’t have hooked up again, but this is all about you).
    it’s like your discussion w kumail about the woman on the road to whom you said “i’ll be disappointed if we don’t hook up tonite” — you regretted being honest w her because you felt it would have gone better for you if you hadn’t, but really you would have just been kicking the can of awkwardness down the road an hour. really bummed that kumail’s response was “there are some things that just aren’t said” instead of “sometimes you don’t get what you want but at least you were honest.” you actually said “i want to imagine a world in which that would have worked.” *worked*? if she felt the same way it would have been great, but talking in terms of “lines” and what “works” makes it sound like you are trying to change someone’s mind or manipulate them into sleeping with you, and that isn’t who you are. you will never find true intimacy if you continue to think of sex — and all communications — with women as transactional. happy to discuss if you want more examples 😉 love you, love the show, thank you so much for providing this venue for real discussion of the only 3 things that really matter xo

  3. Ben says:

    “Oh that’s funny, I wonder if that got added to wikipedia…

    Oh no, they didn’t, well what does it say….

    Wait, why is he categorized under ‘American Jews'”

  4. Lisa says:

    This episode is McDonald’s, Pete. SO GOOD. Halfway through, I stopped and watched all of Mike’s ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’ and IT. IS. INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I had no idea a standup special could be so goddamn funny and somehow bring tears of joy at the same time. It’s so touching, I highly recommend it to all Weirdos reading this, if you haven’t watched it already!! Aside from that, oh man this episode is exactly what I need in my life all day every day.

  5. Adam S says:

    Really funny to listen and see the wikipedia update in real time, lol.

  6. Job says:

    Pete’s surprisingly good impression of Ira Glass, Mike’s exceptional (and hilariously recurrent) imitation of Pete’s laugh, and a personal, revealing discussion about love and relationships? What is this, the best?

    I don’t have psychosomatic ball pain, but if I did, it would be for more episodes like this. Thanks, Petey. I give this episode a hearty two aching balls.

  7. jay seconds says:

    Richard chose an excellent place to air out his grievances about a bit on Pete’s television show. I’m sure Pete is going to read it and cut the dad part out of future viewings and take it off his website. Valid criticisms and good call on relating it to an old Howard Stern! I’m boycotting the show and this podcast. Oh, Mike was great in this episode.

  8. Eric says:

    I was drinking orange juice in the kitchen when Mike did his Pete Holmes laughing impression. The orange juice went up into my nose, and started dribbling out of both nostrils. I couldn’t breath. It was super uncomfortable. I’m still tasting orange juice.

    But goddammit that was funny.

  9. Andy says:

    It bugs me that anyone over 110lbs is pretty much considered a curvy, thick milkshake by Pete. I’ll chalk it up to LA but it seems like “normal” to the rest of us is a thick milkshake for him. Love him, love birbigs, love is ep, but I love a thicker milkshake and it’s weird to hear Birbigs wife described like that (she’s gorgeous)

  10. Richard says:

    The voicemail bit you do on your show you stole from the Howard Stern Show (Richard Christys Dad Voicemails). The only difference is Howard are unqiue and funny, yours are boring you’re either trying too hard or not enough.

  11. Ben says:

    Pretty dead-on Ira Glass by Pete.

  12. Protoman says:

    Great episode! I agree with Birbiglia’s thoughts on the standup special a year thing, I know I’ve paid for some specials lately that weren’t worth the mulah. Not everyone can be Louis CK or Bill Burr *cough cough* Aziz Ansari *cough cough*.

  13. Nich Hustler says:

    I download in anticipation! Love Birbigs! Love Holmey!

  14. Kevin C says:

    Best episode in a long time!!

  15. Travesty says:

    Just wanted to add that I’m a Singlem’n and that it’s not often that you get to listen to that type of personal and engaging stand-up, I feel like it was tailor-made for me specifically and was fully engulfed in the whole special. Keep up the good work, Mike!

  16. Travesty says:

    Awesome episode! Pete’s Ira Glass impersonation was perfect. This is the YMIW I love.

    I loved Mike’s new special — it’s great stand-up paired with some amazing storytelling. Every Weirdo should check it out!

  17. NotMF says:

    Well done, weirdo’s, haha. From wikipedia:

    “Peter Benedict “Pete” Holmes (born March 30, 1979) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, producer, podcaster, television host, and cartoonist based in Los Angeles, California. Since October 2013, Holmes has hosted The Pete Holmes Show, a nightly comedy series on TBS. After suffering a concussion, traveling on an airplane for 26 hours to Australia, and consuming large quantities of scotch and Vicodin, Pete Holmes was never the same again. [2]”

  18. Bunnicula says:

    That’s weird, I wake up at 4-4:30 every morning for at least an hour with the same panicked feeling. Good to hear there are ways to calm down. Great episode!

  19. mika says:

    This is a classic YMIW, and why I started to love the show in the first place! Thought Mike’s humor came through clearer on this one compared to his first. Loved you both together!

  20. -Di. says:

    This was the best podcast episode I have ever listened to. I love these guys!! <3 <3

  21. Amy Ganaway says:

    Love you guys lol