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Episode 177: You Made It Weird
Tig Notaro

You Made It Weird #177: Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro makes it weird!

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  1. LenaM says:

    Poor Tig. Great comic who is followed all over the internet by these weirdos 

  2. exo says:

    I anyone can prove that the Mortified sessions was taped after her surgery, than she has been busted. I never heard of her until someone told me to check her out on a cancer message board.

    They supplied a link to this board. Basically they were spamming us to buy Ms. Notaro’s tape.

    This post convinced me that Ms. Notaro is lying.

  3. tian says:

    She’s not a cancer survivor. She’s a cancer scammer who is funded by Nick Kroll. Peter Holmes knows very well what is up. Or, he’s a total pawn in Kroll’s games.

  4. sickofsocioaths says:

    When Tig Notaro comes clean about how she viciously set up a talented woman and put her through hell –for her own kicks. And, how then she got Nick Kroll to protect her assets…., she’ll be left alone with her cancer riches. Tiffany Heimbluch Maybee is some freak who pledges allegiance to pathological liars and cancer scammers. She’s scary.

  5. tiffanymaybee sucks says:

    Tiffany Heimbluch Maybee,

    in this tediously strange podcast she says that she has being going the natural route, and yet a month before she told Claire Black she was ill from Radiotherapy. A month before that she told Glamour UK that she was on hormone treatments  right after her surgery… How do you explain that?

    Why doesn’t Peter Holmes do a podcast and question her about these INCONSISTENCIES.  By pushing the natural route idea– as the reason behind her health– she literally can kill people.

     Do you not get that? She loves cancer, natural remedies rock, and those who don’t love having cancer are whiners?

    What she’s doing is off the charts cynical and dangerous. Peter Holmes is broadcasting this and I think he’s smart enough to know it’s a scam… Disgusting.

  6. kyle says:

    Tig Notaro does not care if people die because she has no conscience. She claims that she had radiotherapy not raw foods to cure her…

  7. alllan says:

    I keep getting sent here to see how awesome tig is.  ZZZZZzzzz. No wonder she had to fake cancer to get attention.

  8. Fliffany says:

    Wow I just saw this pathetic stream of comments from the same woman. Is there an admin on this site that can remove her comments? I guarantee all of these are coming from the same IP address. She has harassed Tig for years. 

  9. Fliffany says:

    It’s a woman and her sister – there’s legal documents online about how they are obsessed with her and are fundamentally not okay in the head. 

  10. LenaM says:

    This page has been overrun by libellous drivel from weirdos – I would suggest you continue to remove these genuinely crazy comments.

  11. Jess says:

    More are in need of removal