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Episode 168: You Made It Weird
Brent Sullivan

You Made It Weird #168: Brent Sullivan

Brent James Sullivan makes it weird!

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  1. J says:

    Pete you should watch the video that guy made about your brain on porn
    There’s also a subreddit where people go to encourage each other on their fapstronaut journey

  2. Adam says:

    Petey. I love you. I love your frank discussions and your desire to make things awkward. And be uncomfortable. Talking about dicks, gay sex, boobs, poop, god, no shirt confidence, and everything else.

    But please please please, stop talking about “enzymes”. Before you ever utter that word again, please look it up on wikipedia. You might be talking about “nutrients” or “bacteria”, but there is no way that enzymes are just lying around on the ground to be picked up by fruits and veggies. And stop taking enzyme supplements. They don’t do anything ( and I know this from years of scientific research, not just reading articles on the Interwebs.

    I love you and look forward to your show. Where, hopefully, if you talk about enzymes, it’s with a greater branch of the knowledge tree than you have now.

  3. CS says:

    Just wanted to share this anecdote with you. I’m a fashion writer, and today I was given a pair of fancy, 1300$ shoes to write about. Those shoes are called Pierce. I exploded with laughter and all my coworkers looked I me like I was insane.
    Thank you.

  4. joe says:

    love the shirt off confidence pete

  5. Lisa says:

    Pete! Brent James Sullivan! I have to tell you guys something. I had a filthy moment of synchronicity while listening to this episode. When you guys were talking about sex and “going bagless”, I was walking home from work and a bus drove by. There was an ad on the side of the that said, and I shit you not, this really happened, the bus ad said “GO BAGLESS”. Some kind of environmental thing, I think, but OHMIGOD. Literally at the exact time you were saying those words, that happened to me. I thought it was pretty damn cool and it’s not that first time I’ve had a weird little synchronicity moment while listening to the podcast either. But who knows, maybe I’m just full of confirmation bias, too. Oh, and AMAZING episode. BJS is super duper funny and the conversation you two had was amazingly open and honest, and people almost never talk like that these days! I loved it so much. Thanks for this.

  6. Travis says:

    Man, I’m really enjoying the more prevalent discussion about the effect of porn on men. I got seriously depressed thinking I had ED at age 22 until a friend suggested I try not looking at porn. Duh! Problem solved!

    Congrats on 12 days, that’s pretty awesome.

    Love your show, Pete! I’ve been going through your back catalog ever since I discovered it a month or so ago. I’m looking forward to The Pete Holmes Show.

    P.S. Nothing wrong with a nib.

  7. Julian says:

    To the person above, Pete’s laugh is the best and you know it. Also, great episode!

  8. dieter says:

    hit the road jack !

  9. Jack says:

    Pete Holme’s is amazingly funny if he didn’t laugh like a dying duck. Seriously, I don’t listen to this podcast specifically because his laugh is so off putting.

  10. Tillburg says:

    Jesus Pete. You see that? You just nailed a building full of sadness with a rocket. That’s bazooka accuracy. Everyone in the vicinity is happy. This was the best.

  11. Ben says:

    This was a very meaningful episode for me for a number of reasons, but the most significant reason was a moment that happened to me, in my life, while listening to the podcast. It’s predicated on a coincidence not quite as good as Brent’s model-on-the-subway, but it made me stop what I was doing and feel present.

    So the story: like I said, I’m already feeling very connected to this episode. I knew almost nothing about Brent going in, but after listening feel like we’re very similar people. And now I’m listening at the gym, and they get to the part where Brent talks about seeing hot guys at the gym and rather than talking to them, stalking them on facebook, et cetera. Which I definitely related to. Girls for me, and not usually at the gym, but the idea of being unable to do in person what you do online.

    So I keep listening, and I’m on one of the weights machines, and Pete starts doing his thing where he makes the guest feel better by telling a corollary story. And I’m zoning out just a bit, because I find myself staring at this girl. I know its not proper etiquette to stare at girls at the gym, but this girl just had exactly the body type I’m most into, beautiful hair, everything. As I’m staring, Pete is talking on the podcast about meeting girls and rather than making a move looking them up on facebook, jerking it, and moving on.

    The girl gets off of her machine, and for the first time I see her face straight on, and I realize that I know her. Barely. She and I are kind of on opposite corners of a social circle (circles don’t have corners, I know), but we’ve talked to each other a few times on parties. So at first I just think “oh, that’s nice, look who it is.” But then as she’s walking away and I’m staring at her ass, I realize OH SHIT. I have clicked through this girl’s facebook pictures, found the ones where she is showing the most cleavage, and jerked off. I am sitting here with this podcast in my ears not saying hello to this girl while these guys lament EXACTLY what I’m experiencing.

    So a few minutes later in a different part of the gym I see her again. And I smiled at her. Didn’t say hello, didn’t have a conversation, but, you know, small victories.

  12. laura says:

    12 days!

    It is legit cute to me is that Pete thinks an eight ball is when you take an upper and a downer together.

    I really love these frank YMIW sexual discussions, and appreciate the high level of openness. They are much more interesting to me than even the god portch.

    I always prefer the one on ones to the live episodes (more personal), and this was my fav since Curtis Gwinn I’d wager.

    Take a nib!

  13. Cameron C. says:

    If time flies when you’re having fun, than I must’ve just had a goddamn BLAST, because I swear I just started listening and now its 2+hours later AND its over!

    Usually, the live YMIW’s are the best, but this one was sooo good. Thoughtful discussion, new Pete laughs, some Katie laughs, and hilarity! Is it my birthday?

  14. Tyler says:

    Probably the best episode you’ve done Pete. Thank you

  15. Patty Marvel says:

    @Pete Holmes – Only 25 minutes, but have to stop and ask WHICH copy of “The Ethical Slut” are your reading? Per the OhioLINK catalog, there’s

    The ethical slut : a guide to infinite sexual possibilities


    The ethical slut : a practical guide to polyamory, open relationships & other adventures

    and also

    The ethical slut : a roadmap for relationship pioneers

    So which one are your reading? And are you reading the same “TES” that Moshe Kasher mentioned on his episode of YMIW?

  16. Aaron Saule says:

    Pretty sure we heard a new Pete laugh when Brent asked Pete to show him his penis after the (ghost) dick comparison…genuine boisterous awkward laughter, so good.