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Episode 167: You Made It Weird
Live from The Troubadour…

You Made It Weird #167: Live from The Troubadour Again!

Live from the Trouabour July 8th 2013 with John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Sarah Silverman, Kurt Braunohler, Chris Thayer, Rob Huebel and Anthony Jeselnik!

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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

Bigfoot Bundt Cake



  1. Travesty says:

    Soooooo, when can we get another full John Mulaney interview? Make it happen, Pete.

  2. Jacob says:

    Those that talk and/or think about vulnerability and comedy should really check out this interview with Norm MacDonald: It requires three or four minutes of listening but I can promise if you’re interested in comedy this may change everything. I have been loving the Norm MacDonald impression and Dirty Work mentions on this show, by the way! Also, in this interview with Louis C.K. he talks about talking about personal stuff on stage and how he’s a little less interested in it now: Interesting, no?

  3. John says:

    John Mulaney = New Chelsea Peretti

    The Chelsea stories have gone by the wayside, and now we’re getting a lot more Mulaney in-person/ Mulaney anecdotes (Mulaneydotes).

    Loved the ep, Anthony showing vulnerability makes him 100% more credible as a performer.


  4. KLane says:

    You can find the etymology of the word “picnic” by consulting any dictionary. Merriam-Webster Online gives the following origin:

    Etymology: G or French; German Picknick, from French pique-nique. Date: 1748

  5. Sabrina says:

    This episode was one of my favorites. Ever since Pete was posting on twitter that this was happening, I checked for it everyday. When I saw it was up I was so excited it was 2 hours long. However, it went by so quick! What stuck out the most was Anthony’s part. He’s one of my favorite comedians but when he started opening up, I was surprised. I love YMIW for this reason the most. Even though he said he talked about things in therapy he wouldn’t say on the podcast, he did share some things that were unexpected. When you see people on tv, you see what they have to put on. It’s nice to know a little of what might happen behind the scenes. It just makes me appreciate him even more. Everyone else was great! YMIW will always be my favorite podcast. Pete is the best 🙂

  6. miranda says:

    Yup, I’ve already been experiencing withdrawals.

    I love this podcast so much! 🙂 🙂

  7. Tillburg says:

    Throughout the entirety of Mulaney talking I just kept yelling, “HOW?!”. That man is comedy gold.

  8. Devin G says:


  9. Jacob says:

    Regarding the above comment by Job: I couldn’t agree more! You nailed it! That was well said. Mulaney’s great.This episode was particularly good. I also wanted to point out somewhere on some sort of message board that Jeselnik makes himself exponentially more vulnerable than he gets credit for. Between his episode of WTF, YMIW, Youtube interviews, or his interview with The AV Club he has repeatedly talked about his bombing on stage, social trouble as a child (i.e. occasionally trying too hard to be funny and making jokes that went too far and got him in a pickle), how he can be lacking as a boyfriend, and what he wants in a relationship. What I also came here to say though is… what a funny dude he is! I highly recommend the Jeselnik Offensive to those that may or may not be on the fence about it.

  10. David H says:

    This episode killed so hard – I can’t even pick a favourite guest in my head. If this is the quality of a once a week show, I’ll be happy to wait!

  11. Job says:

    Just when I thought John Mulaney couldn’t be funnier. Even the way he tells stories sounds like polished, ready-for-Comedy-Central stuff. And good ol’ Petie Pants, happily posting that Rob Bell picture….

    Two hour live podcast with a bunch of the funniest people ever. What is this, the best?!

  12. tift says:

    dude, pete, come on, it’s called snopes you have the internet constantly attached to you, use it.

    Jimmies probably not racist:

    Picnics not racist:

    I know it is all fun and games, but you have to remember when you repeat these memes you contribute to peoples fears. That is not what you are about, so cut it out and do some research on your own.

  13. Jake H. says:

    One of THE funniest YMIW ever. Well done. Well done.

  14. Cameron C. says:


    Just when you think a Live show can’t be topped another one comes along and crushes.

    Honestly, this one had me in stitches the entire time. It was a hilarious unicorn of joy that painted a stark contrast to the vapid color palette of real life! The sum of its parts were infinitesimally greater than its whole, which, coincidentally, was already on the cusp of magnificence. Good times!

  15. michaelscott says:

    Chris knocked the GameFly ads outta the PARK! Best one’s I’ve heard yet.

  16. Tom Tom says:

    Rob Huebel did a better job hosting this than Petey Pants.

  17. Patty Marvel says:

    FIRSTIES! Oh, I never get to say that…

    Kinda sad the podcast is going to just one episode a week, but I get it – Petie Pants will be busy REAL soon with his TV show (do we have an exact start date yet and will I be able to watch episodes on the web as I no longer have cable?). I’m surprised Chris Hardwick still does his three times a week and HE’S going to have his own midnight show soon. On the plus side, this will give me a chance to get caught up on the YMIW back catalog.

    RE: the etymology of “jimmies” and “picnic,” always remember is your friend: and .