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Episode 16: You Made It Weird
Bonus! T.J. Miller #2

You Made It Weird #16: Bonus! T.J. Miller #2

The first return guest to make it weird, T.J. clears the weird air surrounding recent Twitter and Dane Cook-y incidents. C’mon, that sounds pretty weird, right?

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  1. santos says:

    The people talking about TJ Miller “backpedaling” don’t really know what he’s like. He’s not afraid in the least to criticize himself and is generally very self deprecating. He has no reason to change his story. He even admits that he was wrong to take to twitter with his criticism.

    But his main point on this podcast is that he has a right to say what he wants, just like Cook has a right to do whatever material he wants.


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  3. Lol_bunny says:

    That’s fucking hysterical. Complete hypocrite and it’s blowing up in his face so he’s jumping back. He’s really, really going to asshole himself out of the business.

  4. Lol_bunny says:

    Hey, remember a decade ago when some no-name rapper called ‘Benzino’ tried over….and over…to attack Eminem just to make a name for himself? That worked out great …

  5. Omar Lopez says:

    I love everyone who is assuming they know exactly what TJ was thinking and feeling and what his motives were. How would you know? You wouldn’t, you’re talking shit.
    And anyone who thinks Joe Rogan isn’t intelligent is just not operating on the same level as him, which is far above the majority of ppl who live life completely superficially.

  6. Kingston Hawke says:

    Anyone who can’t see through TJ’s bullshit right now is blind. Read the comments he made, that was NOT “defending the crowd” and he knows it. Dane has a huge ego, you have a huge ego… you couldn’t get him back for bumping you, so you bashed him on twitter. Own it, admit it was a mistake, and move on.

  7. Josh says:

    Wait, aboriginal tribes had mirrors?

  8. Wendy says:

    I listened to this episode & Marc Maron’s WTF episode with Ralphie May in the same week. It made me sad to hear what cliquey dicks comics can be to each other on both of these shows, and how long people will hold grudges over petty shit.
    I think TJ had the right to talk shit about Dane Cook’s set on Twitter. If TJ wanted to continue to do the show he had planned to do that night, he had to wait for Dane to finish so basically he was being kept hostage as much as the audience was by Dane taking over the stage for however long he wanted to. For that fact alone, I think he definitely DID know how the audience felt because he was one of them.
    I don’t understand why people are claiming that TJ is “backpedaling” by saying he was defending the audience. He could have tweeted that stuff for many reasons. I have news for you people: humans are complicated and have multiple emotions guys! You can have more than one motive to do something! He could have been angry about being bumped, disgusted by what Dane was saying, defensive because he had to see his other comedian friends leave without getting to do their own shows and also impatient because come the fuck on… an hour and 15 minutes of hateful, unplanned material? I’ve seen comedians headline at large venues do less time than that. If you had to listen to someone rant and bully people who aren’t even enjoying it for that long you would probably flip the fuck out a little too.

  9. RJ McGillicutty says:

    That Pete Holmes guy is an annoying twat. His podcasts would be better if he didn’t say anything.

  10. Tyler says:

    I don’t know what Joe Rogan ever did to you guys but all of you seem to really hate him…

  11. JD says:

    Well blindnil, since you obviously didn’t listen to the podcast let me try to make it easy for you to understand while staring through a tap-out shirt.

    You work construction right? Well imagine you’re a guy that wants a gazebo out back of his house. You hire some small-time company to make it cheap and pay up-front, but before they can show up a huge construction company that usually builds skyscrapers shows up and says “I’M SO FUCKING RICH I’LL DO IT FOR FREE”. At first you’re excited but once they are finished you realize, they built a shed, not a gazebo. So you say to the foreman “Well sir I’m sorry I wanted a gazebo not a shed” and he says back, “SHUT UP YOU HAVE NO HAIR SO YOU DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. YOU SHOULD BE BLESSED TO HAVE THIS SHED BECAUSE THIS COMPANY IS WAY ABOVE YOU AND YOUR MEAGER PILE OF CASH. I’M GONNA GO GET BLOWN BY 6 WOMEN ENJOY YOUR DAY FAGGOT”

    Get it now? It’s a comedian’s job to entertain. If they don’t want to entertain, well don’t come to work on days when people pay for it.

  12. blindnil says:

    I work in construction. If I get hosed on a job because someone under bids my estimate and ultimately gets the job, should I go on a verbal tear about their lack of craftsmanship or just keep my mouth shut and do a better job on my next gig? Which one leads to more gigs? STFU and do better. Lead by example.

  13. blindnil says:

    Wow. I never thought that standup was such a sorority bitch-fest full of bruised egos and general douchebaggery. I enjoy many podcasts on the nerdist network but have a general disdain for this alternative vs. every other standup bullshit. Its like 12 year olds suddenly became hipsters. “I know this comic who is much funnier than the comic you like” I guess I know why comics have a lower life expectancy than most people. They worry about shit that really doesn’t matter. GROW. THE. FUCK. UP! you whiney cunts.

  14. JD says:

    Fuck Dane Cook.

    T.J. Is a great dude and Dane Cook is a snobby cunt.

    Dane was great once before his narcissism and fame got to his head.

    And as for Joe Rogan, he goes after that douche Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes when Joe himself gets most of his jokes from the internet. (mainly 4chan)

  15. josh says:

    From an audience member’s standpoint, TJ’s attitude is the way to go. Not everyone knows that weeknights or places like the Comedy Store’s Original Room are the times you should expect less polished material from comics. The more Dane doubles down on his selfish stance, the “worse” he will be for comedy.

    This is coming from a fan of both guys, btw.

  16. Joe says:

    This is just a case of Pete Holmes trying to help his best friend backpedal on some dickhead behavior. It’s like George W. Bush getting interviewed on Fox News.

  17. Kylie says:

    Dear Pete Holmes:

    If you do have T.J. on again, I’d love to hear him talk a bit about Successful Alcoholics, which is my favorite thing on the internet. Except, of course, “Making it Weird Times with Pete Holmes.”

  18. Matthew Lane says:

    Yeah this really seems like revisionist history on TJ’s part. The funny thing is, I like alternative comedy much more than Dane Cook or other mainstream acts and I still find myself agreeing with Dane. Oh well, who really gives a shit…

  19. Joe says:

    I don’t like Cook or Miller, but TJ Miller is backpedaling. “You can go onstage and do whatever you want?” but then some douche comic can tweet and publicly trash you?

    1) How did TJ know how the audience felt? Prof X powers maybe?
    2) why didn’t he do something to help the audience right then and there, instead of being a little bitch and running to twitter? Why didn’t he confront Dane?
    3) his text “dane is on stage ruining MY night” MY night. MY night! it was about him not the audience
    4) it’s about TJ miller and his ego, “I have to go up after this”, “I’ve earned the right to critique comedy”.
    5) His tweets said, “You.Didn’t. Earn This.”, now he’s back peddling and saying Dane did earn it.
    6) his argument of ‘why does Dane cook care if I publicly bash him?’ is ridiculously stupid.
    7) Tj is on a mission to save comedy? Maybe he could start by talking about how bad his last special on Comedy Central was, and that he was probably drunk during the taping.
    8) “I don’t like when you treat an audience like this THAT I HAVE TO THEN GO UP AND WORK WITH” It’s about him. It’s not about the audience, it’s about his set.
    9) “you can do whatever you want with your time on stage” then TJ turns around and dictates what you should do with your time? Come on pick a story and stick to it TJ.
    10) How does he know why the AV club picked it up? Stating that other comics agreed with you is the reason, does not make it so. They picked it up because it was someone in comedy with sort of a name publicly being an asshole to a famous comic.
    11) TJ is no Robin Hood.
    12) TJ wasn’t doing some altruistic act. If he really cared he would have said something instead of being a jerk. Now he’s trying to paint himself as a superhero? Get the eff out of hear.

    TJ tweeted like a dick, didn’t expect Cook to find out nor the media to pick it up. Both happened, and now he’s backpedalling.

  20. Kristen Peterson says:

    So what if TJ Miller was offended by Dane Cook’s material and attitude toward the crowd? Dane Cook’s allowed to say whatever he wants but people can’t have an opinion about it? I completely agree with what TJ had to say. And the 8 circles of loser was awesome.

  21. Julia Hays says:

    Rather than comment on the debate itself, since so many have already covered the points I would make, I’d just like to say I found the “circle of loser” hotel room visual that T.J. was painting to be quite hilarious.

  22. kinison's ghost says:

    So Dane Cook is stealing material from Sam Kinison now?

    owww ow owwww my ex the bitch from helllll owwwww etc.

  23. google hubris says:

    The one thing Cook is NOT is “misunderstood…”

    What a self-involved clownhole. What an onomatopoetic twat.

    And Rogan needs to lay off the dust. Dude thinks spacemen built the pyramids.

    Fuck ’em.

  24. Trenton says:

    What are you saying andrew? TJ’s point is that Dane CAN do that, and he himself CAN bitch about it.– not because be shouldn’t have done the material, but because he had to follow it. Not “You can’t do that”, but rather “You’re an asshole for doing that”

  25. Kimi says:

    First time listening to You Made it Weird. Totally enjoying it. TJ Miller being a guest brought me here ^^

  26. Rachel Harding says:

    I agree with Jess alllll the fucking way. Not sure why more people aren’t focusing on that aspect of all this, Wish Pete Holmes would at least mention it because it’s obviously AT LEAST half of the issue, but whatever.

  27. Jess says:

    I had no idea any of this was going on, don’t use twitter and definitely don’t listen to Joe Rogen’s podcast, but upon hearing this podcast I can safely say that whatever ounce of respect Dane had gained back by appearing on Louie is now, at least to me, gone. Sexist and racist jokes already push many people’s buttons, but comedians get away with it. Fine. But when you go on stage and say sexist things with a serious attitude, true animosity, that’s hate speech. Just because you tag something funny on the end doesn’t make it okay. Just like when Michael Richards called an audience member the N word, no one thought that was okay and no one thought the media was policing comedy when they destroyed him. Because there are some things you just don’t say unless you want to be shunned by society. Unfortunately I’d imagine Dane’s fans overlap with those of other horrible people like Charlie Sheen so sexism is fine to them? Just like TJ said, you can say whatever you want. You can go around screaming the N word and telling women you’re going to fuck them with chainsaws, whatever, just don’t be surprised when they talk shit about you and hate you forever. Especially when you’re attacking individual audience members. That’s just malicious and cruel. Hasn’t Dane seen the Nutty Professor?

  28. Andrew Vaughan says:

    My biggest problem with this is that he seems to not know his point. He continually says over and over again that Dane has earned the right to do whatever he wants in that club…except the act he was doing. Which seems contradictory. Either Dane can do whatever he wants and you have the right to react to the way you like or he should or shouldn’t do certain things.

  29. Scro says:

    Was a fan of TJ’s until all this went down. The audience doesn’t need his protection via twitter. He is now the equivalent as the prude that complained about Tracy Morgan giving a one sided observation out of context. Hopefully TJ never saw a Patrice or Jim Norton set. He was butt hurt it was Dane if it was Doug Benson he wouldn’t have said a thing.

  30. MDigital says:

    There seems to be two trains of thought here. The “non-hipster alternative comedy” people will be really quick to point out that TJ is “wrong” for voicing his opinions and that he should shut up and follow “the code of comics”… which is basically “do whatever Stanhope and Attell are doing because they’re the ONLY “real” comics out there”. It’s like the Tri-Lambs and the Alphas all over again except the Tri-lambs wear a lot of flannel and tight jeans and the Alphas are alcoholic loud mouths.

    Remember when Joe Rogan got his “comedy cred” by publicly bashing Carlos Men”stealia”?

    TJ Miller is a stand up comedian who does other things in the entertainment business. Dane Cook is now an entertainer who does stand-up in between bad movies and ab-showing photo shoots.

    I just want to laugh. If it bends… it’s funny. If it breaks, it’s tragic. Dane Cool is tragically unfunny.

  31. A.J. says:

    I actually wasn’t a huge fan of TJ until this.

    and not because i hate dane cook, i actually went through high school thinking he was the best comedian i have ever heard and he really turned me on to stand up comedy.

    But i think TJ makes some amazing points, and after hearing Dane’s response, i think it speaks a lot about his character.

    no one ever earns the right to treat other people like shit and it seems like dane is convinced that he has. its a shame.

  32. Suze says:

    TJ Miller is trying to cover up his own mistake. He poked the wrong bear 3D. He’s saying it was all about disrespecting the audience — but really it’s because he was trashing Cook’s set. He said:

    “…And then last night, he got on stage and was vicious, misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant. He talked about not paying for an abortion. He talked about finding some whore to fuck to take out his anger at his ex-girlfriend. He talked about how girls would do anything for him ‘because I’m me.’ … And the way you talk about women is disgusting and pathetic, but really just hurtful.”

  33. kelly says:

    You guys sound like a bunch of fags gossiping but I love you guys and you are AWESOME!

  34. Duug says:

    I make lists;
    1)TJ Miller will think twice before live tweeting a comedian’s set
    2)Dane Cook will continue working on his new act.
    3)If an audience doesn’t like his act, they can leave.
    4)If a comedian has to follow Dane Cook after he hurts the feelings of an audience, they have the right to bitch.

  35. onus spears says:

    TJ has great points.
    Dane got flack for legitimately being a turd to the audience and the other comics.
    Dane will be Dane and TJ will be TJ.

    IMHO, TJ is the talent talking here, and Dane is a marketing aberration and a result of the digital age propelling poor talent with a huge social media megaphone that often blows nothing more than shit.

  36. Tyler says:

    I think TJ made a pretty bad move. No one can be the cop of comedy, its all subjective. Bumping is a douche move, but guess what its been in the business since day one. TJ is just being the typical hipster alternative comic who is part of some sort of exclusive club almost like a clique that hates on you because they don’t find your material witty or ironic enough, you can talk to a comic personally but don’t attack him and what he tries to put out there to everybody else. If everybody did that then there would be no comedy.

  37. Nick says:

    Dane is a fame hungry, arrogant asshole who thought that the crowd should laugh and pay attention just because he’s Dane Cook. He’s a douchebag and he’s been a douchebag for a long time. He’s extremely condescending to people just because they didn’t laugh at his shitty set. He just needs to deal with it and stop being a diva. Even if he’s going through “some shit” he doesn’t have the right to attack an audience for his own troubles. Grow a fucking backbone and eat shit because you had a bad set and get over it. I used to love his comedy but his offstage persona has always circulated to people that he’s a dickhead. His career since Harmful If Swallowed has been shit at best. I don’t know why he seems like he lost the love for comedy and it’s art and instead thirsts for fame/money. He’s trying to cover up his shit and haters but being an egotistical douche and telling everyone how great he is. Fuck him for that. I’ve lost all hope for Dane and his comedy.

  38. John says:

    I don’t think TJ did the right thing. Maybe if he threw out a quick and pithy joke about the whole situation on twitter, it would be one thing, but his comments were both long winded and pretty humourless. For people who are fans and/or friends with him, I guess his explanation is passable, but it’s not a very good one. Ultimately, though, it’s not really that big of an issue. The most important than, to me at least, is that TJ is funny and enjoyable to listen to, which I can’t say for some other podcast people.

  39. Kelly says:

    I also don’t completely believe TJ Miller when he said he was only defending the audience. I just reread his tweets and he seemed to be offended by Dane Cook’s subject matter — “chainsaw fucking a whore,” etc.

    If a comedian can say anything and it’s fine because they are onstage — it is my opinion that anyone can say whatever they want about the comedian’s act and subject matter. Just because TJ Miller is a comic does not mean he can’t express his opinion. I don’t believe it’s “policing” another comic or that there should be an unspoken comic-code when a comic has an opinion about something. That’s lame, and sad.

    I don’t want comedians to have to have some sort of professional code that silences them. That’s one of the great things about stand-up! Comics express their opinion freely, and usually loudly. Twitter seems to be a new stage. TJ Miller seemed to be doing a set on the performer that he followed. It just happened to be Dane Cook.

    I want my comics to be able to say, “what he says is offensive” about anyone — whether it’s another comic, Newt Gingrich or their dentist. If he was only upset about Dane Cook for being a dick to his audience, I feel like he would only have tweeted about that.

    I wish he had brought that into the conversation instead of saying that he was only defending the audience.

    If he thinks Dane Cook is a douche for talking shit on women, he should say so.

  40. Kierstyn says:

    TJ, I agree with you completely… for a reason not exactly the same as yours, but perhaps it is a complimentary one. But I say this as a comedy consumer, as part of the audience (though I was not there that night).

    We’ve all established that Dane Cook was overtly misogynistic, was savaging the audience and their appearances in particular, and went on for an extremely long time. So basically, unless they were willing to stand up and bare themselves to being shredded by him, the audience was essentially held hostage by Dane Cook, unable to leave.

    We all have our insecurities. And while we may try to be confident, many of us have that little echo chamber in our heads that bounce around with our doubts, fears and perceived inadequacies. A vicious commentary from a comedian can fill up that little room in our head with things that take a long time to forget. So the people in the audience were potentially trapped between *that* if they chose to stand upand leave, or continuing to listen to a downward spiral of mean crap. That’s a really shitty choice to have to make.

    And Pete – thanks for having TJ on to make his rebuttal/commentary. I really appreciated it!

  41. Rob says:

    I am a fan of TJ but his comments on this podcast bothers me.

    On his twitter he personally attacks Dane Cooks comedy, film roles and makes mention of bumping Bobby Lee. It was very personal attacks that extended well beyond “defending the crowd”. I find it hard to believe that this was just about TJ defending the crowd.

    Maybe I am soft but I also find it pathetic when people personally assault others publically. Whatever happened to dealing with someone man to man? I don’t even enjoy Dane’s comedy and gave TJ the benefit of the doubt before I read the twitter comments and heard this interview.

  42. johnny moustache says:

    TJ’s next album needs to incorporate Comedy Cop into the title

  43. Governor of Comedy would make a great J-Pop band-name.

  44. Brian E. says:

    Yay your first repeat guest! And it’s TJ! Amazing! Exclamation point!

  45. Billy says:

    Great Ep. I thought the AV Club article was bullshit. They had way too much of an ax to grind. Like a week ago, weren’t they defending Patton Oswalt for berating an audience member?

    TJ did a great job of explaining himself. He sounds way more reasonable when he isn’t trying to cram a nuanced argument into 140 characters.

    -Side Bar – I seriously don’t know how people can listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast. He sounds like a 12 year old that discovered pot for the first time and everything amazing thought he has needs to be shared with the public.

  46. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to listen to this! I just saw T.J. last weekend in Charleston. He was so hilarious of course. I listen to The Nerdist and Doug Loves Movies on a regular basis and T.J. suggested that I give You Made it Weird a shot. I have torn through most of the episodes in the past three days. It is my new favorite. Thanks Pete!