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Episode 158: You Made It Weird
Max Silvestri

You Made It Weird #158: Max Silvestri

Max Silvestri makes it weird!

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Peter Jackson Filmed Part of RETURN OF THE KING on a Mine Field

Peter Jackson Filmed Part of RETURN OF THE KING on a Mine Field

What Animal Would Your HIS DARK MATERIALS Dæmon Be?

What Animal Would Your HIS DARK MATERIALS Dæmon Be?

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?



  1. Buckie says:

    This is the ideal answer. Evryoene should read this

  2. Thank you kindly David. I’ll definitely listen to those.

  3. David says:

    Apologies – I used the wrong first name there, and the reply button didn’t actually reply to you for some reason.

  4. First time listener and immediate fan of this podcast. Listened to it on my way to the hospital to see my mother. The part about “growing up after a parent’s passing” really struck a cord with me, and helped prepare me for what was to come.

    Some hours later at the hospital, my mother died. Amidst all all the sadness, it was nice to have that thought to hang on to. That thought of “well this sure sucks, but I don’t feel like running away or going into denial, so I guess I might actually be experiencing that bit of growth those weirdos were talking about”.

    I should also mention that in spite of my state of mind going to and coming back from the hospital (there’s a 45 minute ferry ride involved), I laughed, and I laughed, and then I laughed some more. My brother older brother who was along for the ride is no doubt convinced I’m a sociopath.

    Thanks guys.

    • David says:

      My heart really goes out to you Sogge. No-one alive can really understand such loss.
      Forgive me if this is inappropriate, but a comedian called Duncan Trussell from the USA did a couple of podcasts regarding his mother passing away fairly recently. Normally I think he’s a bit of an acquired taste but people responded very positively to these particular 2 podcasts so perhaps it could be helpful. I don’t know.
      Here’s the link in case they’re of interest:

      Good luck getting through it.

  5. Lisa says:

    What a great episode!! I had no idea Max Silvestri was also a comedian in this way. I’m familiar with his VERY funny writing on Grantland and am really happy to know he’s just as sharp and smart and hilarious in person. Thanks for this, guys!!

  6. WalkingCivilWar says:

    Best part of this episode was when Max started to sing “I’ve heard in Cuba…” still in tune to the song, then continued to explain the Cuban bus etiquette (which was very interesting) in his normal voice totally forgetting he was participating in the pop song game.

  7. Tyler says:

    Sadly, to me the craziest thing about the “Open House 10-4” thing is that when your thoughts derailed you didn’t immediately think of it in terms of radio ten-codes (10-4 meaning acknowledgement). I’m imagining them confirming to a different sign across the street that there is an Open House.

  8. As someone who incorporates Pete’s musings and philosophies for my travel (giving yourself permission, being childlike) Its fascinating that Pete finds adventure/curiosity so novel in his own life.

    Its the appeal of Improv and Pete, The philosophy of YES! Its such a big part of his comedy that I’m surprised it doesn’t extend to his life.

    Pete mentioned Oren in Japan. I feel like Jay Larson’s YMIW ep and brand of comedy is the closest to embodying the ‘Improv as Life’ vibe I’m aiming for in my life

  9. David says:

    This guy’s a total imposter – I lost it to a girl named Sarah when I was 19 at college. It’s like he’s copying my entire life. What next – same car? You should’ve had me on the show dammit.

  10. Mccrackelz says:

    But… what happened to Paul Haggis?!

    what happened to P-Hagz?!

  11. Ryan says:

    “I feel like you might be the king of backhanded compliments.”

    Was that, in itself, a backhanded compliment?

  12. Aaron Saule says:

    “blood. sugar. sex. Wicca.”, needs to be their new slogan when they rebrand.

    Also, “IS THIS SEX?!?”

    Love the free podcast Pete, thanks.
    Please come back to St. Louis soon.

  13. ChrisPenis says:

    “quickah wicca pickah uppah” and the organic setup to it has to be one of the highlights of the podcast