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Episode 114: You Made It Weird
Aziz Ansari

You Made It Weird #114: Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari makes it weird!

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  1. Justin Colon says:

    Dude, Aziz is kind of lame. His ego-self is pouring from him.

  2. Lmoneyfresh says:

    I’ve just started listening to this podcast and only have a few under my belt, but this was an uncomfortable interview. There was some strange vibe between the two of you and it was apparently for almost the entire interview.

  3. schmoby says:

    I think a lot of people picture Aziz as this smooth-talking marketing-savy guy because of his character on Parks and Rec.

  4. cougarjpm says:

    lol IMO Pete had a ton of passive aggressive resentment towards Aziz. You made it weird.

  5. Ego says:

    Aziz said: “You should… you should edit this out for your OWN self.”

    Found that HILARIOUS. Especially since good ol’ Pete edits NOTHING.

  6. Ego says:

    I’m excited about the show but I’m curious as to why his show summary was so short… I guess the name says enough.

    Can’t wait to hear this!

  7. lauren says:

    pete.. you did make it weird. you seemed like you were trying to nail him on something and just wouldn’t let up putting him a little on the defense. love you podcast… but let the kid breathe. he’s funny and he deserves everything he’s earned.

  8. MrPunctuation says:

    PETEEE!!!!! You made it weird with Aziz in this episode and not in a good way. What I found uncomfortable is saying aziz is famous, wayyyy above you’re level. That is fine once but it comes up quite a few times. Why not talk to him just like a regular person?

    Aziz has a great outlook on life, i was disappointed in Dangerously delicious but I’m looking forward to his next special. Still a great episode! Just keep it weird in a good way!

  9. jimmer says:

    aziz should start a podcast called you made it afraid to show even a little bit of vulnerability

  10. Sean says:

    man someone is beating the crap out of the table, or mic. must have been really too.
    Free Podcast.

  11. Germ says:

    Good on you for asking about Kanye in that way Pete. It’s one of those things that throbs in the back of the mind of the listeners, and you as a representative of our interests were brave enough to at least raise the question.

  12. Josh says:

    Great ep, Pete! As a fellow tall guy, I too thought the above head shower would be awesome. Then I realized, above head shower = dirty tushy.

  13. Handsome Dan says:

    Top drawer podcast, Pete, truly top drawer.

  14. Isaiah Agojo says:

    Please be warned! This episode f You Made It Weird will like your dreams seem more possible than they actually are! Now I’m off to pursue a career in stand up comedy.

  15. Nick says:

    I love the show and have listened to every episode. I’ve always been interested in stand-up (my dad was a lcomic, and used to bring me on the road with him as a kid, which in hindsight was probably irresponsible as shit lol). Listening to Aziz discuss the process was fascinating. I’m a fan and heard a lot of the haters saying he was a jerk. This is the first I’ve heard his perspective and views.

    I hate to complain, because this is one of my favorite podcasts out of the 15 or so I listen to regularly. I think it’s because they weren’t in the studio and able to hear themselves in the headphones, but what sounds like hitting the table…holy shit. Even with my equalizer set to my custom podcast settings (reduced lows and raised mid-highs), my subwoofer was kicking every few seconds when they hit the table, taking me out of the conversation. I’m halfway through it right now, I don’t know if they address it by the end. I think I heard Katie tell them to knock it out earlier, and I imagine she’s ripping her hair out by 1:19, where I am right now. I sure am.

    Other than that, awesome episode! =)

  16. Ben says:

    Oh wait, thank you Katie for putting a stop to them hitting the table! You are the best!

  17. Ben says:

    What is that thumping throughout this episode? I can’t ignore it!

  18. kim says:

    Love your interviews, Pete! Every one feels like coming home. Yet, I will say that you made it weird. Very weird. I have no strong feelings towards Aziz either way. He’s certainly talented and deserving of all his success. There’s nothing wrong with managing your own career deliberately, which he does. It’s interesting, because all my favorite comedians come off as a bit feckless. It’s a contradiction. You can’t rise to the top of the game without having some ambition and discipline.

  19. HL says:

    Really enjoyed this, Aziz is awesome. He certainly said “like” about 100 times, weird for someone who makes their living talking. I expected him to be a lot sillier, but it was really cool to see his more genuine side. He’s obviously very smart and knows what he’s doing, he deserves all of his success.

  20. Jacob says:

    I loved this because for some reason I figured Aziz was one of those guys who stayed closer to his comedy persona 24/7 and it was cool to hear him in a relaxed/low energy setting where you could tell he was being 100% genuine. An amazing podcast all the way through.

  21. E says:

    Pete, Listen to Aziz!! I respect his faith in leading with the work, not some set list of ambitions. That kind of lore about people calculating stuff is nothing without the work. It’s about the work, keep it that way. Like Lennon said about making plans…
    Pete, stop overthinking things. That is what makes you like Maron 🙂 Really, keep to overthinking your work not your life. That is when I cringe, as a woman your age. Fear is just overthinking stuff.

  22. Kass says:

    Soap of choice: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Peppermint Body Wash

    Weird online dating story: For the brief stint I was living in a locale with many comics, my online profile was definitely hit by a couple aspiring comedians. Which is awesome, in theory- but instead of “hey, I also love x movie” or something playfully flirty off of the mountains of nerdjokes and high five references, dudes led with their set. Not always great Particularly, when a guy may do a lot of racial humor.

    This was fun! Aziz seems like one cool guy. I am typically a little surprised when undeniably thoughtful people don’t have any opinion on the spiritual context, or lack thereof, on anything in the universe- like any little thing/experience, not exclusively the “big” questions. But “be a good person” is a pretty solid take home point on all fronts. Thanks, guys!

  23. Quentin Tarantino says:

    What I’ve gleaned from this episode is that Pete thinks he’s more famous than aziz. Love you Pete, hilarious insightful awesome episode

  24. Ben says:

    “Pete, you made it weirder than ever probably on this one…”

    Ha. Yeah, that was fun but….. uncomfortable at times.

    Pete: “I love that you’re a cold, calculating dick!
    Aziz: “But I’m not.”
    Pete: “No, man, I fucking admire it!”
    Aziz: “I’m still not….?”

    –Free podcast!

  25. Nadia says:

    Pete, you made it weirder than ever probably on this one…Aziz is mad defensive yo

  26. Jon says:

    Good episode, but there was a strange energy to this one. I can’t really put my finger on it. Maybe just because it was on location? Dunno.

    Also, a missed opportunity here to call back to the Aziz crying for help impressions of the past. “AMMMMMYYYY, HAWKS ARE CIRCLIN’ MY HOME.” I still yell that in my car randomly.

  27. Stafford says:

    I love the questions in the vein of “what kind of soap do you use” I am also curious about those things…

  28. erik2690 says:

    Really great episode. Appreciated.

  29. jsl says:

    Didn’t Patton Oswalt meet his wife at one of his own shows?

  30. Misi says:

    Pete this was awesome AGAIN. let me just say that your interviewing ‘skills’ so to say have been getting NOTICEABLY better and better. very real very conversational and more and more GENUINELY interested in what the interviewees narrative is. KEEP ALL OF IT UP. hardly anyone does this kind of thing organically. Craig Ferguson, but from a different place in his own lifetime experience. I LOVE listening to you BOTH talk to interesting people even if I have never heard of the other person before. That’s NOT a common skill/talent. KEEP IT UP!

  31. Lauren Taylor says:

    I am going through a horrible divorce. Together for 17 years married for 5. I have been depressed and angry and this podcast made me laugh for the first time in a long time. Thank you Pete one sweet golden boy to another.

  32. Jee says:

    Wow, anotherone already? Great!
    Thanks Pete 🙂

  33. Pops says:

    At least Doug will get a chance with Becky Reams now. She should be with a guy who enjoys a variety a foods, not just bananas every single podcast. Sorry it didn’t work out Pete.

  34. Ben Schultz says:

    Until I listened to this podcast, I thought your best submissions comedysexgod email was a reference to yourself as a comedy sex-god. Sort of a “Therapy’s over, bitches. I’m a comedy sex-god now. Buy this best of while I make laugh so hard you cum.” thing.

  35. Dave says:

    Why did you make The Killers British?

  36. MiklGipsin says:

    This’ll be great! Aziz knows a lot about Chelsea Peretti