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Episode 100: You Made It Weird
Chelsea Peretti Interviews…

You Made It Weird #100: Chelsea Peretti Interviews Pete!

Happy Weirdiversary, weirdos! And what could be weirder than Pete’s Best Worst Friend Chelsea Peretti (Louie, Parks and Recreation, Comedy Central) interviewing Pete with questions sent in by listeners? Not much, we think. THANK YOU for the questions, but so much more for 100 episodes of wonder, joy, awkwardness, vulnerability, acceptance, laughter (loud, giggling, squee-ing) and delightful crispiness, weirdos. We love you! HERE’S TO 100 MORE!! Remain crispy.

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg

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  1. choy says:

    The fact that you let the show go long is one of the many things I love about it – I heard a great quote from Woody Guthrie once which said something along the lines that a song or a story should be as long as it needs to be, which is so simple but true. If it’s all substantial and important, cutting it off would just disrupt the flow – plus it feels so rare just in daily life/interactions to ever be able to hold anyone’s attention for long enough to tell a full story and stay fully engaged without distractions, either from someone checking their phone or just giving in to our own short attention spans… so a 2+ hour interesting conversation between two people feels like a breath of fresh air. Keep it crispy Pete!

  2. Tillburg says:

    To expand on the Demetri 2D idea: have you ever wondered about perspective? For example you see a 2D circle, but in a 3D world is it a coin rolling off a table? A log rolling across a plain? A red dodgeball rolling across a gym floor after pelting Bob in the temple? A boulder hammering towards a village? A planet orbiting another celestial body? These are the types of asinine things I think about before lunch.

    Great stuff as always you two!

  3. I don’t know what kind of porn you’re watching either Pete. Post some links if you find some good stuff.

  4. Emily says:

    Pete, I don’t know what kind of porn you’re watching, but I’m guessing you would be shocked to know how much of pornography is made with sex slaves through human trafficking in all parts of the world, including America. So maybe the women in LA who were molested by family members and now call themselves porn stars “agreed” to do porn, but really…no. Like prostitution people will make arguments that it’s somehow liberating to women, but no little girl dreams of doing that when they grow up. They’re pulled into it by force, desperation, and/or severe psychological damage. And it only perpetuates it/gives sex traffickers more money to kidnap more women and children because of advertising when you watch it online.

  5. Walking Civil War says:

    Chelsea told Pete that she asked comedians to DM her with questions for him and no comedians responded. She really didn’t need to tell him that, especially not twice.

  6. Switzerland of Carbon says:

    two hours of Chelsea is about an hour forty too long.

    I get it, it’s just tedious.

  7. You might not want to get too weird. Any part of the podcast could always be sampled and go viral, and you’ve got that after Conan deal pending. The bigger you get, the bigger a target you become.