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You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And You Get A Jake Bugg Ticket! And… You Get The Idea

If you didn’t listen to me a year ago, I’m going to repeat myself: Jake Bugg is the man. Folk Rock in general seems to be making a well-deserved comeback. Every time I turn on the TV some commercial is ripping off Simon and Garfunkel, or a little movie called Inside Llewyn Davis is blogged about, or, cough, THE LUMINEERS existence. Anything is better than Miley, right?

To top it all off, Bugg is back! He’s released a new album titled Shangri Laand while sophomore albums tend to be sub-par in general, his is a refreshing extension of his previous work with higher production quality. He’s grown up, and only 19!

If you’d like to win concert ticket’s to his upcoming show in LA @ The Wiltern, all you need to do is post in the comments section below what your favorite Folk Rock Act is and why! We’ll be choosing the winners and releasing two pairs of tickets to his show THIS FRIDAY 1/24! Besure to enter by midnight PST tonight!


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  1. michael says:

    Umm, I honestly enjoy folk music in general. At the current time, I like Of Monsters and Men a lot. Basically every song on their “little talks” is gold. I’ve always been a fan of Old Crow Medicine Show, same thing with Mumford and Sons. But I’ve never actually been to any of their shows, I wish I could but with school and work = no time. sacrifices. People always stare at me when I rock out to jake bugg in the grocery store. meh, screw em. I heard jake bugg on a no commercial radio channel in Akron and have been in love with his sound ever since. Keep on rocking man.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I’ve always been a fan of simon and garfunkle, I grew up listening to it with my dad, moving along into my 20’s I was excited to see a singer in my age jonnra arrive that brought in as much talent if not more then S&G. My boyfriend and I have been following Bugg since his first peaks into recognition. The fact that he is so real with his lyrics and portrays a true musical talent, shows just how dedicated he is to his craft. His lyrics open up a story book of confessions and are a voice of inspiration and comfort to struggling adolebsents. His songs of love are pure. The unique tones that fluctuate from his rhythmic voice send shivers down your neck. Each word is carefully proportioned to melt your heart. He is true to himself. He does not care about fame. He is all about the art of music, and always will be. That is why my boyfriend and I have such great respect for this young Lad. We would love to see him again.

  3. Jordan Whitehead says:

    jake bugg. He is my spirit animal.

  4. Abi turner says:

    Jake bugg because I’m from the same place as him and love his music and I think that he has shown people what he can do and he is such a lovely person and is amazing live!

  5. Mariona González says:

    Jake Bugg, of course!
    Since the day I discovered him I’m officialy addicted to the folk, relaxed but energetic sound of his songs… he’s definitely a revelation and I hope he gets far because he is one of the few artists that deserve to be on the top nowadays.
    Seeing him live would be, in two words, MY DREAM.

  6. Alice B says:

    My favourite Folk/Rock act is definitely Jake Bugg! As soon as I heard his first album I was hooked and now have both his self-titled album and Shangri La on repeat on my ipod. I love how you can see the influences of the music he grew up with (Oasis, Cash, The Beatles) in his performances and in his music but it is still so uniquely his own. Such amazing talent and charisma from one so young and I would be lucky to be able to see him live. He’s my #1 to see in 2014 for sure!

  7. Marcus Rodriguez says:

    Right now LA is a great place for up and coming folk acts with Echo Country Outpost and Honky Tonk Hacienda at El Cid (to name a couple of venues that are supporting the scene). There you have the super indie folk acts like Homesick Elephant which are adorable, yet impressionable, and cradle you within songs laced with cleaver lyrics and sweet harmonies. Also, putting folk and americana back on the airwaves is Jamestown Rival, a favorite of mine who just recently killed it on KCRW. Bands like that make me excited to see where the independent folk/country movement will take us.

  8. Sean says:

    Jake’s my new favourite folk rock singer, his songs are both very emotional as well as gritty, becoming quite relatable, especially with our ages being so close. Bob Dylan, naturally, would be the all time great for me, he captured both a time and a place perfectly with his political and social anthems.

  9. paul watts says:

    saw jake bugg in thekla in bristol few years ago. been a fan from the start.seeing him live blew me away then and still does man!

  10. Sam McCann says:

    Johnny Cash,
    The meaningful lyrics and the true to the heart soul of his voice in which he sang the blues.

  11. Elle says:

    Jake Bugg, i saw him in England and he is amazing live.

  12. Ellie says:

    Jake Bugg because he is such an inspiration and his music is fantastic!

  13. Mumford and Sons – I saw them live for the first time in California last year and that is what has catapulted them to the pantheon of elite Folk Rock acts. I sense that if I get the chance to see Jake Bugg tonight in LA, a similar phenomenon may occur… #pickme

  14. Viktoria Carstens says:

    My favorite is Jake Bugg of course! He brings new sound to today’s music and I’ve seen him live twice and just love his pure, raw, awesome music and I would do anything to see him again ❤️

  15. Mark Barr says:

    Jake Bugg is my Favorite Folk Rock Act at this time. I saw him in NYC in 2013, and had to process his sound (whether it was nostalgia or pure
    “him” that was resinating). After a few listens to his 1st album after the show, it was a definitive “him” and his talent as songwriter and musician. Jake may be 19, but his words express a lifetime of experience.

  16. Jair R Bell says:

    J A K E B U G G I S G R O U N D B R E A K I N G B E C A U S E
    H E H A S R E A L T A L E N T & A D I S T I N C T I V E
    S O U N D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !