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Yes! Hannibal Buress Lands A Solo Comedy Central Show, WHY? WITH HANNIBAL BURESS



Good news, everyone! According to The Wrap, Hannibal Buress will be getting a well-deserved series on Comedy Central: Why? With Hannibal Buress will reportedly get an eight-episode run sometime this July. The show will be a weekly zeitgeist half-hour op-ed for Buress to explore what he considers topical “wtf” moments and will film with stand-up segments in front of a live audience, man-on-the-street segments, as well as pre-taped sketches, much in the same format as Comedy Central’s amazing Inside Amy Schumer.

Now, the logical side of me would say that Comedy Central picking up the Buress vehicle Why? likely stems from the development deal they signed together a while back. In fact, the tweet below from last year may refer to a series that was developed as far as a pitch meeting, but never officially green-lit

In the time that has passed since last March, Buress has been very, very busy. As the co-host of The Eric Andre Show, he has been upping the late-night absurdity factor. Last spring, he debuted his first hourlong special on Comedy Central. As Lincoln on Broad City, Burress is so great as the dentist who happens to be Ilana’s “sex friend” (but definitely not “boyfriend” because that harshes Ilana’s vibe, dude.)



Prior to all of this recent success, Hannibal was a writer for SNL and 30 Rock and made a number of on-air appearances on the latter as a homeless guy. I tend to Netflix-cycle through 30 Rock on the reg, so I know for a fact you can find him in the episodes “Leap Day” and “Queen of Jordan 2.” He’s also had guest spots in some of today’s best comedies including The Mindy Project, Kroll Show, Bob’s Burgers and Louie.

The eight-episode series order for Why? has not been given a release date as of yet but, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this very soon. I know I’ll be tuning in! Let us know how excited you guys are in the comments.

HT: The Wrap

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