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Yes, Conan O’Brien Actually Filmed a Talk Show in North Korea

Conan O’Brien has been spending a week on the Korean peninsula, where being Internet-famous actually does translate into hordes of screaming fans, none of whom would have ever seen his show on any of their TV channels. And while most of his time was spent having fun in the South, he did indeed take a trip into the Supreme Leader’s territory, where he interviewed The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun:

Okay, yes, it’s a bit of a technicality. O’Brien did not actually pull a James Franco and fly into Pyongyang to discover that the dictator is actually a huge fan of his. But that is North Korean territory, legally, and we can be certain that communists were watching closely. Also, that silent soldier could have seriously messed them up. I mean, assuming Glenn is the guy who got beat in the head by Negan last week, that would still have been a cakewalk compared to violating an armistice and possibly kickstarting WW3. Heck, when somebody explains Conan’s gay innuendo joke to Kim, we’d advise TBS to watch their servers.

But not everything was so fraught with peril. When not risking the wrath of a hostile, nuclear-armed nation, O’Brien was busy saving an octopus from being eaten, discovering sea creatures that look and squirt like penises, being woefully inappropriate and creepy to his translator, seeking enlightenment at a Buddhist temple, and playing a CG fish on a soap opera. Check out the entire journey from beginning to end at

Sasaeng fans, is there anything the ginger god missed out on covering while he was there? Let’s see if we can’t get even nerdier than O’Brien himself in comments below.

Image: Team Coco

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