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“Y: The Last Man” Finally Gets a Director


Very rarely do news items elicit a fist pump of delight, but the news that Dan Trachtenberg (The Totally Rad Show, Portal: No Escape) is set to direct New Line Cinema’s upcoming Y: The Last Man feature film made me do just that.

For those of you not in the know, Y: The Last Man is a seriously dope comic from Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra centering on a dystopian future in which a devastating plague kills every male mammal on Earth, save for one slacker and his pet monkey. Trachtenberg was known as a commercial director and was a co-host of The Totally Rad Show, alongside Jeff Cannata and the Nerdist Channel’s Alex Albrecht, but he made major waves when his fan-made Portal: No Escape video went viral.

See? All those videos you make with your friends can pay off. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be directing the Fables movie someday (because how freakin’ sweet would that be?)! Who would you like to see in Y: The Last Man? Quemment below and let us know!

(HT: Deadline)

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  1. Nathaniel H. says:

    Heck yeah! I thought this project had been long dead in the water, since I hadn’t heard anything. Awesome to hear it’s still on track.

    I’m with you, Keanu Monologue, Jasika Nicole would be awesome for 355! As for the general Zach Levi sentiment, I, too, think he’d be awesome in the role, but is he a little too old?

    But, seriously, I think Jasika would be perfect for 355. I’m not going to get that one out of my head until they announce the casting.

  2. nick says:

    diarra, i completely agree with you. even if they lock in 2 or 3 movies, it’s not the right format for this story. i would have loved to see this on HBO, Showtime or even FX

    that said, i’d love to see Taraji Henson as 355. as long as Yorick isn’t played by Michael Cera or Shia LeBouf i’ll be happy

  3. I still think this would make a better tv series than a movie series

  4. Jake says:

    Everyone knows that Zachary Levi is a fan of Y: the Last Man and would be great for the part, but like Keanu Reeves Monologue has stated on his/her comment, he’s a tv actor. I don’t think he could carry an entire movie. I want him to so bad though!

  5. Matt Porter says:

    And this news is Totally Rad!

  6. Matt Porter says:

    I like Zachary Levi as well, and my brother and I both think that Tracie Thoms would make an awesome 355.

  7. Keanu Reeves Monologue says:

    I reread this entire series over the Christmas break (still fantastic!). I’d like to see Dichen Lachman for Dr. Mann and Jasika Nicole for 355, but they’re both “TV” actors, so I don’t know how likely that is.

  8. Gabe J says:

    I still think Zachary Levi should play Yorick

  9. Rob P says:

    Yorick…Jesse Eisenberg….maybe
    355…Vivica Fox she was f#$%ing great in Kill Bill

  10. collins says:

    aslong as shiah isn’t involved anymore

  11. CJ says:

    “Y: The Last Man” has got to be a better project then WWZ (which has turned into one big pile of shit) … so kudos to Dan Trachtenberg!

  12. holt says:

    I vote for Nikki Amuka-Bird, as seen in Luther, as Agent 355. Though Danai Gurira from The Walking dead is another fine (if obvious) choice.

    Aaron Paul still looks like a wee baby boy and might be a fine Yorick. So many good options. Choosing is hard.

  13. Murphy1d says:

    Couldn’t be prouder of our TRS boys!