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WWE’s Seth Rollins Dressed Like INFINITY WAR’s Thanos for SummerSlam

WWE calls its annual pay-per-view extravagance SummerSlam “The Biggest Party of the Summer,” but this year’s event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center felt like the most ambitious crossover event in history, when Seth Rollins came to the ring dressed like Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. And that included wearing his very own Infinity “Boot-let.”

Rollins, who competed for the Intercontinental Championship against belt holder Dolph Ziggler, was accompanied by his friend and fellow ex-Shield member Dean Ambrose, who was the night’s de facto Ebony Maw. Because for the WWE’s second biggest show of the year Rollins debuted brand new ring gear based on Thanos’ blue and gold clothing from Infinity War.

We know fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but seeing that had to put a smile on Thanos’ face.

Obviously you can’t dress like the most powerful being in the universe without having your own Infinity Gauntlet though, and Rollins paid tribute to that powerful glove with one of his boots. And yes, it contained all six of the Infinity Stones.

So did it work? Did he win the title? Uh, did you see Infinity War? Do you know how powerful the stones makes you? Rollins used his Infinity “Boot-let” to hit his finishing move The Stomp (which is why his boot was on his right leg and not the left like how Thanos wears his Gauntlet) to turn Ziggler’s title reign to ash.

So what’s next for Seth Rollins? Will he finally rest, and watch the sun rise on a grateful WWE universe? No, he’ll be on Monday Night Raw.

There’s always an Avenger to fight.

Is this the best wrestling costume you’ve ever seen? Tell us your favorite in the comments below.

Featured Image: WWE

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