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WWE Superstars Who Would Make Great Horror Villains

Halloween has helped make legends of some of pop culture’s scariest characters–think Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street or Michael Myers from Halloween. These characters and the movies they spawn from are part of our psyche every October. But characters from the world of professional wrestling could be in the mix too. While sometimes the names can come off as a bit cartoonish, there was literally a wrestler called “The Boogeyman“), when done right, a wrestler can create a persona just as creepy as any horror icon. Some of them are so enthralling that they could even transition into their own horror movie. This Nerdoween, let’s take a look at some superstars who fit this mold.

Finn Balor

Finn Balor is a wrestler from Ireland who made his WWE debut in 2014. On the outside, he is a good-looking, talented, international star. On the inside, however, lies a demon ready to come out. During big events, Finn unleashes “The Demon King,” a dark persona to help him eliminate his opponents. Covered in face paint and headdress, the Demon King is all about intimidation.

This character would be perfect in a Jekyll and Hyde type horror movie. Finn could spend the entire film trying to keep the demon under control, only to unleash it upon the world when least expected.

Bray Wyatt

The Bray Wyatt character made his debut in 2012. He started off as a cult leader, taking his “Wyatt family” of wrestlers to victory after victory over WWE superstars. His look was reminiscent of Max Cady from Cape Fear. As the years went on, Wyatt morphed into a more original character. Calling himself the “Eater of Worlds,” he went off on his own to become more of an agent of chaos akin to the Joker rather than the leader of an insane cult.

Wyatt would be the perfect horror icon for a found footage horror film. Picture this: an impetuous group of journalists attempt to investigate the evasive cult leader Wyatt, who is, in fact, a real agent of the devil. The film would slowly turn from a psychological thriller into a full-fledged monster movie.

The Miz

You are reading that right. The Miz. The former reality star has worked hard to become arguably the biggest bad guy in the WWE today. His arrogant “A-lister” character makes him someone you love to hate. Wait, a person can be a jerk, without being a monster, right? Well, if you’ve seen American Psycho, you might know where we are going with this.

The Miz would make the perfect serial killer; the kind that is always one step ahead of the cops. Once you think they have him, he’d give them the slip. Just like his character on TV, the “horror” Miz would do what he wants and get away with it. That could possibly make him the scariest of them all.

The Undertaker

We saved the best and most obvious for last. When the Undertaker first made his debut in 1990, his character was an evil mortician. Once he defeated his opponents, he would stuff them in body bags and carry them from the ring. No one knew what their fate was.

A mortician who buries people alive? That’s pretty scary, considering the only requirement you need to become one of his victims is to be, well, not dead. We can only hope that his horror movie franchise would keep him as a villain and not let the fans turn him into a hero like they did in the wrestling world.

When it comes to eccentric characters, horror and wrestling can run neck and neck. That’s why it’s easy to see why these superstars would make the next great horror icons.

What do you think? What other superstars do you think deserve to be on this list? Let me know on Twitter @donnielederer or sound off in the comments below.

Images: WWE

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