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WTFridays: DRAGON BALL Z Drumming, Hurricane Kicks, ZELDA Scavenger Hunts, and Flamethrowers!

Welcome, ladies and gents, to our first WTFridays of 2015! We’ve got a packed slate today, so let’s get to it.

Join Jessica Chobot on today’s Nerdist News WTFridays as she guides you through a cavalcade of wonderful web-based nonsense ranging from real-life Ryus to Zelda-inspired treasure hunts to terrifying 3D-printed flamethrowers and Dragon Ball Z-inspired drum shredding! Plus, your Best Worst Comment of the Week, of course!

Thanks for watching! Learn how lightsabers would work in real life on Because Science, and let us know in the comments below what your favorite Nerdist News story of the week was!

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Because Science : What are the Scariest Things that …

Everything We Know About ZOMBIELAND 2

Everything We Know About ZOMBIELAND 2

The Best of SUPERNATURAL’s Geeky Aliases

The Best of SUPERNATURAL’s Geeky Aliases



  1. I am all for light satire or parody about Goths if done well (some episodes of Family Guy did this very well), but that shirt is just dumb.

  2. FYI Jessica.

    Modern day Goths =/= historical Goth peoples. Who is and is not a modern day “Goth” (as per the actual subculture that grew out the people that loved morose “post punk” music and punkish and dark & drape-y rocker-gypy-ish fashion, loving magery from old b&w horror movies and loved bats, spiders and crows and “spooky stuff” from the 80’s 90’s and 00’s to now) is broad and very subjective, because there are more off-shoots now.

    That shirt/meme is stupid attempt at a joke to declare “Goths” are not real because they aren’t 100% re-creations of 5th~9th century germanic Gothic peoples (whom supposedly didn’t where black garments) is really dumb. For a “Geek” how about be more understanding of those that fall outside of the “norm”.

  3. Christian says:

     I want to see more  Retro Games on nerdist love that shit meh

  4. I need that shirt!

  5. Christian says:

    Frieza Drumming lol bring it on

  6. jim says:

    good to have jessica back

  7. Frieza rocking out? Um…excuse me I need to check YouTube for a moment…