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“Wreck-It Ralph” – Perhaps the Nerdiest Movie Of All Time

Disney’s new film, “Wreck-It Ralph,” looks tailor-made for the Nerdist set. It concerns the villain from a Donkey Kong-esque arcade game who’s tired of being the bad guy, and so goes game-jumping to try to be the hero. Amazing! The villains’ support group is genius, and the fact that they actually put characters like Zangief, the Pac-Man Ghost, Bowser, and M. Bison shows that the makers of the movie know what they’re talking about. Though ostensibly a kid’s movie, the use of 80s and 90s villains and games proves it was made for us. The voice cast seems perfect. You can’t beat John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch all in the same movie. This comes out in November and I think (and hope) it’ll be a big hit, the way Scott Pilgrim vs The World should have been. Sure, it’s in 3D, but that doesn’t make it not a good movie. And it’s the first non-Pixar Disney cartoon I’ve been excited about since Pixar became a thing.

-Kanderson loves nostalgia. And TWITTER followers. And PODCAST listeners.

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  1. Shoshana says:

    Time to dust off the Nintendo and play some old school games with the kiddies! My husband nearly cried when my daughter asked who Qubert was.

  2. Jon says:

    It’s a shame there wasn’t Wesker from Resident Evil. Still looks awesome though!

  3. Rob Chambers says:

    Also, in the “evil-anon” meeting, did anyone else see the Beholder on the left? Awesome!!

  4. Sparx McGee says:

    Jane Lynch as “Samus Aran”?! (Quotes used because it’s obviously going to be a different name. Talk about awesome casting!

  5. three toes of fury says:

    Blown Away.

    As a HUGE fan of nerd nostalgia and classic gaming, this movie appears to be written for my generation. They had my money the second they referenced the language of Q-bert (genius).

    Peace .n. Got a Pocket Full o Quarters and Im heading to the arcade.


    PS: for those of you whom love 80’s techno nostalgia, be sure to read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It was THE best book last year and, like this movie appears to be, its written for you.

  6. Ken says:

    @CJ Not to be ‘that guy’, but it’s not the first non-pixar computer animated film from Disney since Chicken Little.

    Meet the Robinsons, Bolt & Tangled were all Pixar-esque computer animation.

    And while I haven’t seen Meet The Robinsons, I have seen Bolt and Tangled, with Tangled being a ‘classic’ Disney story (in my mind) and Bolt not without it’s charm either.

  7. jon says:


  8. CJ says:

    its the 1st non-Pixar computer animated film for Walt Disney since 2005’s Chicken Little …. & it looks better then Cars2 (& it your name is actually Ralph, then you have the perverted pleasure of yelling “I’m Going To Wreck It !” at an adult moment (lol) …

  9. Patti Brown says:

    This looks really fun! I like the whole concept. Hoping it’s a big hit!

  10. Jake says:

    I saw this earlier today on imdb and immediately told everybody, and nobody cared. Sometimes it sucks being the only nerd in your family.

  11. dan says:

    I spotted Dr. Robotnik also

  12. Ricardo says:

    Don’t miss Kano, the House of the Dead Zombie and the rhino is the boss from Altered Beast. That trailer gave me a nerdgasm.

  13. Frank says:

    Given the mascots shown in the trailer (Bowser, M.Bison, Zangief, Pac-Man Ghost, Q*Bert) and given the potential for tons more, this could very well be this generation’s Roger Rabbit, in terms of so many known characters coming together at once.

  14. It’s not a kids movie. It’s a family-friendly movie. There IS a difference.

  15. Tracy says:

    Um…holy fucking shit…and I don’t normally curse in posts.