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Disney Rings in New Year with WRECK-IT RALPH 2, INCREDIBLES 2, and WRINKLE IN TIME Teases

New Disney and Pixar films arrive every year, but we’re particularly excited about 2018. The coming months will see the release of A Wrinkle in Time (March 9), Incredibles 2 (June 15), and Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (November 21). Yeah, two of the three films are sequels, but I’m sure I’m not alone in my excitement to get back to both of those universes. Disney and Pixar know they have a stellar schedule, and via Slashfilm, they kicked off the new year with new posters, fresh footage, and the vaguest of teases.

Let’s start with Wrinkle, which has a new TV spot that really emphasizes how they’re going to squeeze mileage from the “Be a warrior” quote.

Disney also released motion posters for the sci-fi film featuring Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who.

As for Wreck-It Ralph 2, they’re not showing any footage from the movie yet, so temper your expectations. The sequel is set six years after the first movie and will follow Ralph as he travels to the internet to look for a part to save the Sugar Rush game. We saw a few minutes at D23 Expo, and the scenes were meta and very silly. This tease has good ol’ Ralph doing what he does best: wrecking 2017, which I would have been fine with him doing months ago.

Finally, Pixar and the Parr family toasted 2018 and Incredibles 2 with…toast. Literal toast. And it has half a million views, so it can’t be wrong.

Which of these three films are you most looking forward to in 2018? Cast your vote in the comments.

Images: Disney/Pixar

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