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Working Real-Life TRANSFORMER Is Way More Than Meets the Eye

Michael Bay better move over because a Turkish tech company is bringing the Transformers to whole new level. We’re not talking about 3D or VR though: What we have here before our very eyes—in disguise!—is a real-life Transformer.

Childhood fantasy… roll out!

The name of the beastly Autobot (or maybe Decepticon? It is a BMW) that transforms from sexy German coupe to full-on finger-moving Transformer bot in the video above—which comes via Digg—is Letrons. And what you’re watching specifically is the first outdoor test of Letrons, which apparently took place in the robot version of the statue park from GoldenEye.

Letrons, the brainchild of Turkish “R&D” company Letvision, is built from a BMW 3 series coupe, although the vehicle has had its engine yanked and replaced by an electric drivetrain. According to Letvision, the vehicle can’t be driven normally, but who needs that noise when it can be controlled via remote like A GIANT REAL-LIFE TRANSFORMER TOY.


According to Letvision, Letrons has tons of features, including: “kinetic fingers,” “wrist action,” “arm movements,” a “dynamic eye,” and of course, a fog machine. Also, Letrons talks, although we can’t understand what he’s saying; we can only assume it’s something about destroying a cube.

There is no pricing available on Letrons, although considering the fact that it’s A GIANT REAL-LIFE TRANSFORMER TOY, we’d probably need to shut up and have a hefty payment plan in order to afford it. Letvision doesn’t want to stop with Letrons however; they want to build a whole fleet of Transformers. Check out what else they have cooking in the faux CGI car show video below:

What do you think about Letrons? Opinions… roll out(!) in the comments section below.

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Images: Letvision

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