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WONDER WOMAN Characters Will Return for JUSTICE LEAGUE

Wonder Woman is a great movie and finally captured what DC Comics fans like about its classic roster of characters. One of the things we didn’t enjoy as much though is the relatively short time spent among the Amazons on Themyscira. We get it, we get it; the movie was about Diana (Gal Gadot) venturing into the realm of mortals and becoming a hero on her own terms. But, those opening training and battle scenes were an absolute highlight in Patty Jenkins’ superhero flick. It’s looking more and more likely that we’ll see more of Themyscira in future movies, and with some returning Amazonian warriors as well.

According to an interview with the LA Times (via. Birth.Movies.Death), Connie Nielsen, who portrays Diana’s mother Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, said we can expect to see her and Robin Wright (who played General Antiope) in this winter’s Justice League movie.

“And [Wright and I] got to do more in Justice League as well. As sisters as well. Kind of badass as well. We can’t say much, but…” with Wright chiming in, “And more of the story, you get some of the history.”

Now, if you’ve not seen the movie I don’t want to spoil anything, but this revelation would certainly point to Hippolyta and Antiope’s appearance being an extended flashback sequence. We already know that a lot of the movie will be the League members fighting Steppenwolf’s Parademons, and there’s this short clip in the trailer:
…which shows the Parademons fighting against the Amazons. It would make sense to me if hundreds or thousands of years ago, the Parademons attempted to take over Earth and were fought off by the Amazons, if not Zeus and the other gods. This could also explain how the Mother Boxes ended up on Earth and are being reawakened by Cyborg and the like.

Something interesting to think about, but really any excuse for us to see more Amazonian ass-kicking (seriously, Wright’s Antiope was such a badass) is welcome.

What do you think? Could the Amazons be part of a Lord of the Rings-esque battle prologue? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: DC/Warner Bros

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist and an avowed DC Comics fanboy. Follow him on Twitter!

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