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Wonder Woman, Boba Fett and More Adorn These Pop-Culture Motorcycle Helmets

Comic-Con is just a few weeks away, and by now everyone is planning for their pilgrimage to the annual pop-culture mecca. Some come by plane, train, or automobile. Those of us too extreme to take one of those three will hop on a trusty motorcycle and speeds their way to San Diego. is reporting that AirGraffix is here to help folks with a hankering for two-wheeled modes of transportation, thanks to their custom comic book and pop culture helmets.

These fantastic looking helmets can up both your street cred AND your geek cred. AirGraffix doesn’t have an issue with the type of hero you may like. They’re prepared if you love Marvel heroes like Spider-Man.

If DC is more your style, Wonder Woman is here to show off AND protect your head.

Now, these helmets are not exactly on the cheap side, running between 500-700 each, depending on the design. We’re okay with that, as long as they put as much effort into motorcycle safety as they obviously do with motorcycle aesthetic. Now we just need to find the matching motorcycle pants and jacket to complete what can be an awesome ensemble.

You can check out more cool helmets in the gallery below and on AirGraffix’ site here.

So what do you think? Which of these helmets would wear screaming down the highway (at the proper speed limit of course)? Are there any custom ones you’d request? Let us know on Facebook or sound off in the comments below.

Images: AirGraffix

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