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Wolverine Dies and the Hulk Goes Omega at the Marvel Panel

A new Hulk! An elderly Cap/Deadpool team-up! All the weird things that will happen after Wolverine dies! Marvel served up a few pretty cool teases for the next couple of months in their Next Big Thing panel at Comic-Con.

Daredevil and Hulk writer Mark Waid was joined by Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, soon to be taking over Hulk), Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine), Sam Humphries (Legendary Star-Lord), and Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott.

The panel got its start with a few titles you’ve probably already heard about, including All-New Captain America featuring Sam Wilson (a/k/a Falcon) as Cap, but we’ll also be seeing an October Dethlok series from writer Nathan Edmonson alongside Ales Kot’s Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier.

Charles Soule then delved into September’s The Death of Wolverine, which sees Wolverine dealing with the loss of his healing factor. We saw slides of Logan visiting his doctor (Reed Richards, in this case) who tells Wolverine that he’s at risk of infection every time he pops his claws. Each issue is supposed to have a different genre feel from different eras in the character’s life, with a pair of lettered pages showing a bearded Logan in shades and a ponytail wrapping up some final business.

Soule says that near the end of the miniseries, it was difficult to write the final sequence, with editor Nick Lowe adding that, after years and years of reading dozens of comic scripts, this was one of the rare ones that brought a tear to his eye.

Soule is also writing the first and last issue of the 7-part Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy, with characters like X-23, Mystique, and Sabertooth having stories spinning out of Wolverine’s death. He says the way you should look at The Death of Wolverine is as the first chapter in a much larger story. Subsequent issues will be one-shots focusing on Wolverine’s supporting cast.

In November, Soule is working with artist Salvador Larroca on Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program. The story has direct ties to how Wolverine dies, but Soule says the mini-series explores some of the good and bad done by the super-soldier program, introducing new characters.

Gerry Duggan is teaming up with artist Scott Collins in October’s Death of Wolverine: Captain American and Deadpool which pairs elderly Steve Rogers and Wade Wilson with ties to some classic Cap stories.

Issue #3 of Inhuman will be out in August, featuring art from Joe Madureira, exploring what happens when the mutating Terrigen mists spread throughout the world, sparking mutations. Ryan Stegman is taking over art in issue #4, with Madureira taking some time off to focus on his work for later issues of the series.

In August, Original Sin is getting an annual looking at the origin of the man who gave Nick Fury his job.

Sam Humphries talked about Peter Quill’s solo title, Legendary Star-Lord. He says Peter thinks he’s “legendary” because he can shoot fast and he’s great with girls, but the writer says the real reason the character is legendary is because he’s got a heart of gold.

Humphries had high praise for artist Paco Medina, and we got to see covers for issues 3 and 4. The fourth issue will bring in Thanos, who has some unfinished business with Star-Lord spinning out of Original Sin.

Cyclops is getting a creative team shakeup with Chew writer John Layman coming on with issue #6 alongside artist Javier Garron.

Empire of the Dead gets a second act in September with writer George Romero returning to the vampire/zombie series this fall.

Marvel is also publishing an OGN prequel to the ABC series Revenge featuring the origin of the character Emily Thorne.

In December, Mark Waid is launching S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 with artists Carlos Pacheo, Alan Davis, and Chris Sprouse. Waid joked that it’s like the show with an unlimited budget. The series will in Marvel Comics continuity while featuring Agent Coulson and his team, finding and recruiting new agents.

Waid describes Coulson as his favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that the Clark Gregg super spy is the ultimate comic fan.

The series will be done-in-one with a different artist for each issue, with all sorts of team-ups that Waid has long wanted to work with including Howard the Duck and Rocket Raccoon.

Moving on to Daredevil, the writer countered complaints that his run on the book was too Silver Age-y by saying that the same bad things happen to Matt Murdock, but the only difference is how he deals with them. In upcoming issues, Matt will be dealing with an Original Sin reveal where the blind martial artist will ask his mother the true reason she left his father.

Waid will also be writing Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man, featuring secrets for the pair of Science Bros, with Tony Stark confronting some things he may have forgotten during his hard-drinking period.

Gerry Duggan takes over Hulk with issue #5, introducing “Doc Green” a new Hulk persona in August. Duggan says that the new persona has some very distinct ideas about what the world needs and the upcoming plot will be the Hulk’s “Armor Wars.”

The new storyline, “The Omega Hulk,” will involve a big change to the character with Hulk on Hulk action from artist Mark Bagley.

Which of these new Marvel titles are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Christian Pittman says:

    it’s time for Wolverine’s secondary mutation lol. I’m definitely looking forward most to The Hulk comics

  2. stanting says:

    a big yawn! wolvie can join the club of the un-dead e.g. Cap America, Jean Grey, etc etc

  3. I will except his death for now but only to be resurrected  even stronger and more powerful then ever!!

  4. Doug says:

    Anything Hulk!

  5. ann says:

    wolverine stays alive.

  6. Butt0nskill says:

    I’d wager Wolverine stays dead for roughly the same amount of time I can’t obtain Girl Scout Cookies.

  7. sam says:

    well at least they’re not killing jean grey again :\

  8. Personally I am excited for Wolverine to die, I just wish I could believe it will be permanent.

  9. stormtrooper says:

    Nah… Actually, I won’t be that sad with his death! He was never my favourite, but, although I admit that he is really important to the Marvel Universe, his death carries relevancy, too! I mean, a lot of new characters and new histories can come in etc etc… 

  10. Gleaming Terrier says:

    Why is Rucka leaving Cyclops? I’m very disappointed to hear that.

    • Brent says:

      I’m pretty disappointed too. The editor (Nick Lowe, I think) said Rucka’s novel deadlines were getting too intense so he dropped out. 🙁

  11. Wolverine will be dead until he eventually gets “better”. I’m sure this isn’t the end of everyone’s favorite mutant as dead in comics is never really dead. I’d be amazed if it sticks.

    • Bailey says:

      “Everyone’s favourite”?

      I think the majority of people who read the comics are relatively sick of WOlverine. It seems 90% of films by Marvel star him.

  12. Kroh says:


  13. Qwert says:

    He has died before… from old age and everyone is dead… he then remembers his past before he kicks the bucket.

    • Ralph says:

      That story was not at all in 616 continuity. You are thinking of “Wolverine: The End” which was an alternate universe mini-series.

  14. Leslie says:

    I think Marvel is making a big mistake in killing off Wolverine.  

  15. I’m not really looking forward to Wolverine’s death. If they’re gonna kill him, it needs to be a permanent kill. I just keep thinking his death is gonna be like the death of other superheroes we’ve seen over the years.  The hero will die and then writers will come up with some sort of ridiculous, convoluted resurrection.  And we know they’re gonna bring him back because he’s one of the most popular characters from Marvel.  Feels like a waste to read about his death.

    • Stephy says:

      Honestly, though, he’ll only be dead in that storyline. It’s not like the stories never contradict each other or that they all take place in the same timeline. I mean, the article says his doctor is Reed Richards, who in Battleworld and Age of Apocalypse died and stayed dead. So, not even bothered.

    • jon says:

      Captain marvel died of aids and stayed dead hasn’t been a issue with him since other than as a ghost or a copy 

    • James says:

      Pretty much…remember the Death of Deadpool…Sabretooth came to the burial and whizzed on his grave, activating Deapool’s healing factor…he just couldn’t bear to see a good enemy down…or maybe he was just enjoying the whizz….LOL 

  16. noel says:

    Don’t kill wolverine 🙁

  17. Sean says:

    “complaints that his run on the book was too Silver Age-y” That’s what I love about it.

  18. Paul M says:

    Looking 4ward to the Hulk stuff, personally.  Will love to see what transpires there.

  19. Tj Shields says:

    I’d say I’m really excited for the Captain America Deadpool Team up, but the real interest is in the death of Wolverine.