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WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW ORDER Trailer Shows How the Nazis Won in Alternate Timeline

Bad things happen with the Nazis are in charge. Fashion takes a hit, for one. Mass murder is up. And rock is polka-ized to an absurd, almost cruel degree.

That’s the key takeaway from the launch trailer for MachineGames’ Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is out next week on consoles and the PC. Titled “House of the Rising Sun,” it’s your best look so far at the story shenanigans that have created the alternate timeline where Germany won the war, then won all of the wars.

According to the trailer, the game’s villains somehow got their hands on weapons and technology belonging to the resistance, which put hero B.J. Blazkowicz out of commission for 13 years while the surviving resistance attempts to get by. Flash-forward to the ’60s, and Nazis are strolling around Paris like it’s nothing. So will it be evil science or evil magic B.J. is up against this time out? Based on the amount of mechs I’m seeing here, it looks like the former.

Developer MachineGames, made up of ex-Starbreeze developers, has taken over iD Software’s long-running franchise following 2009’s Wolfenstein, developed by iD and Raven Software. That was a more or less straightforward entry in the series, without all of the time travel shenanigans.

Reviews are under embargo until next week, so for the time being, I can confirm that it is a game and there are guns in it. And Nazis. Sometimes the two come into contact and it’s not all that great for the Nazis.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available on May 20th for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

Are you intrigued by what you see in the latest launch trailer?

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  1. A Gamer says:

    No review – no order. Simple

  2. satori3000 says:

    I seriously can’t wait for this to come out… 4 more days!!!!